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NameMC Link:





Rank you are applying for:

Trail-Mod or higher if possible

Discord (Required):


Relevant Experience (List not Paragraphs):

Rank: Helper
Proof: here

Senior Mod
Proof: here

Rank: Senior Mod
Proof: Can ask lunarexe or whoever was manager.

-Basically all my main staff experience not adding like unknown servers.

Why do you want to be staff?:

I would want to become a staff member on the CavePvP Network because I see potential in this server and I enjoy playing it, whilst me enjoying the server I would want to become a staff member, there for players that play on the server can get excellent experience whilst on the CavePvP Network, another reason why I would like to become a staff member on CavePvP is that I have one of my friends that are pending (DismadicalYT) and I would like to probably record a staff series, etc. I also would like to become a staff member for the enjoyment and for the experience and to learn more in the future for staffing.

Why did you pick Cave?:

I picked cavepvp network because I feel like there is the potential of the server growing, and I wouldn't mind become apart of the team.

Do you have a working mic and the ability to record?

Yes, Blue Yeti

What languages do you speak?

Russian, Latvian, and English.

Extra Info:

Closet Cheaters:
I would spend a lot of time looking for closet cheaters, but I would also ask a head-staff to check the logs of the player and then if they set off a decent amount of logs, they will be most likely frozen. As long as I think they are cheating, obviously I wouldn't just /ss them I would look and see if there is a point of ssing them instead of wasting my time and their time if they know they are not cheating.

Trustworthy: I am trustworthy, but if you would like to see that you can add me to the staff team!

Mature: I know I am only 13 years old, but I'm mature for my age. I've been a massive server including the biggest one I was at SagePvP Network. I guess you can include HCRival as my other big server.

Hard Working: I'm a very hard working person and if you don't believe that you can go to my channel and see how much time I put into my channel, and I can put the same time into CavePvP network and make it a better place.

Active: I'm active if you would like to know my schedule nearly every single week here it is down below:
Monday: 7-8 hrs
Tuesday: 7-8 hrs
Wednesday: 6-7 hrs
Thursday: 7 - 8 hrs
Friday: Unlimited (Depends if I have something to do tmr)
Saturday: Unlimted (Might be off for 2-3 hrs due to sagepvp sotw)
Sunday: 7-8 hrs

Anything else?:
Thanks for taking the time and reading my application!​
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