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Zanio Staff Application (EU)
IGN: zanio

Age: 18

Region (EU/NA/Other): EU UK to be specific

Do you have any previous staff experience? Yes, I used to be Helper on Hysteria, also I was a Moderator on KoonKraft, Mod on SagePvP It’s been a while since I’ve staffed however, I still know everything I need to know about being a staff.

Why would you like to become a staff member?
It’s been a while since I had an opportunity to actually staff and be that one black sheep as a staff member and stand out and make a good name for myself along side improve the server’s reputation and minimise its player base whom cheat. I’ve been playing HCF really for my whole Minecraft career, for years and years, I know every single particle in this game from HCF to factions to all sorts of game modes in Minecraft, especially HCF, I know the ins and outs of HCF. I also possess the knowledge of what it takes to have that role of being a staff member, that feeling of assurance that you are there for anyone in need of assistance, that sense of responsibility to fulfil the needs of CavePvP. In my time of playing HCF it was and is very rare to come across fast and efficient staff members whom take their responsibility seriously, so as a player who knows the feeling of that. It would be an honour to represent CavePvP and be the role model for the other staff members of CavePvP.

If accepted, how would you improve the players' experience?
To cut to the chase, the characteristics I posses that will improve the players experience on the server is that I will be very active and aware of what is happening on the server. Not only HCF will I be active on but also KITPVP to make sure that all the players are receiving the help they need across the server. Listening to players is a key factor in improving players experience as myself I know how it feels for a staff to ignore you and not really care about your issue, for certain situations a player might request for some assistance that someone above me can take care of and myself will ensure that their request is fulfilled and they are back to playing normally ASAP. Making players happy means that everyone is happy, the players of CavePvP make up the community of the server, to the start and the finish. They should be treated with most respect and equally.

If you were to rate your honesty on a scale of 1-10:
To be quite frank, a solid 9 would be my genuine answer. To me, lying is just the lowest thing someone can do, especially a man, the gender which is looked up to for its masculinity, and for a man to lie, completely ruins that for themselves and loses their self-respect. Lying is just straight up inhumane and vile. At the end of the day if someone lies they lie, however if you lie then only you will bare the thought of regret no matter how big or small the lie was.

Additional Information? Accepted or not, It was an honour to take some time out of my day to make this application as I genuinely believe that my presence in the staff team will only bring positive energy to CavePvP. Thank you, zanio.
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