Accepted WTappinq Staff Application (T-Mod)

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IGN (NameMC Link): Wtappinq search Name MC Is Search

Age: 14 Years Old.

Timezone: GMT |

Discord (Required): WTappinq#7422 | Discord Username.

Rank you are applying for: Trial Moderator | T Mod

Relevant Experience (List):

RogueMc - Plat-Admin| 20 Players |Azilan Can Vouch!

SatellitePvP - Mod | 30 - 40 Players | Proof | Ask AD7 or Azilan

Overload- T-Mod | 20-30 SOTW 10-15 Avergage | Proof | None

VenusHQ - T-Mod| 20 - 30 Players | Proof | None

Why do you want to be staff?: I want to be staff as I feel I can make changes to the Cavepvp network, I am A active and I hate players who are toxic over a block game. I want to help everyone out and become a staff member that everyone would enjoy and like. I am currently YouTube on the cave network so this can benefit me as I can do Staff Series. I would Help out Every player I possibly can and I would record all punishments so I can back up my Ban,Mute or Warn to Higher Staff I would Give New Ideas To make the server more enjoyable than it already is and Put all my time and effort into making Cave Better for Players and staff

What puts you over other applicants?

I am very active and willing to put hours into CavePvP, I love the way the server has been made, I can say i used to be toxic and i have changed lots Since when I used to be toxic I try to keep my Profanity down and are mature I would be helping out players on cave in ever way I can and Would say some people on cave Like me as Youtuber and some don't which im hoping will change IF I get staff. I would say I have some what experience (Azilan T-Mod) Can Vouch Been Staff On 2 Of His servers which both did good. I would say I know A couple staff on The Network CAVE and a lot OF media roles who I would say Im Not Toxic or a Bad influence.

Why did you pick Cave?: I picked Cave as its really the only HCF server that i enjoy... The Owners Staff Players make the server SO much better; I would love to staff on cave and would be up for a new start, the only other server i have enjoyed staffing on is Satellite that closed down, I know a few of cavepvp staff / Ex Staff! I feel like i can instantly move people and help people to the best of my ability they need to have the best player experience on cave since lots of people love Cave has been around for a long time and they took there break and are now back I was a OG Cave player and enjoyed Cave Back Then and Enjoy it Now

Do you have a working mic and the ability to record?

Yes I have OBS and Recording! I also do have a Working Microphone!

What languages do you speak?

English, Very Little German.

Anything else?:

Hope you all have a good day!
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Horrible colour scheme.

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Good luck bud xd
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