Updated CavePvP Network Rules

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CavePvP Rules

Here are most of the CavePvP rules

The offenses for these rules are ever changing as we meet new player highs and deal with rule breakers each and every day in wacky ways to try and get around the rules.

HCF Specific
Do not use any form of Cheat or Mod that would give you an advantage over a majority of players.

Do not abuse any fort of glitch or pearl glitch.

This includes, pearl, block, dupe and other type of glitches.

Do not use inappropriate sword/nick/faction names.

Do not Ally with other factions unless you are '/f allied'

One way allying can result in one faction being banned without the other if it was not intentional from both ends, this is up to the Staff Member to decide. Allying with Solos are not allowed.

Do not Streamsnipe Partners/Media outside of their base.

Do not grief other players/factions bases.

Do not illegally trap someone (full explanation of traps allowed/not allowed will be posted soon).

Do not DTR Evade.

Do not hold someone hostage, If you're attempting to kill someone you must be making good amount of progress. If someone is in your trap for longer then 5 minutes you must be hitting them constantly or fighting them.

Do not kick and kill.

Do not inside.

Do not impersonate other players or Youtubers through the use of /nick.

Do not freeze your Minecraft to avoid death.

Do not use a VPN.

Bunkers Specific
Do not purposely block your team from mining.

Do not allow other players into your base to kill your teammates.

Queuing and leaving multiple games can result in a temp ban from Bunkers.

Do not use any glitches.

All Network Rules apply to Bunkers so use common sense when playing.

Network Rules
Do not share accounts.
We are not responsible for connected accounts resulting in a blacklist for you.

Do not sell accounts.

Do not assist cheaters.

Do not be Racist.

Do not evade a punishment.

Don't encourage someone to harm themselves.

Do not share people's personal information, even if it's found in a public form.

Do not lie to Staff.

Do not make personal threats or joke about making threats to any Staff or Players.

Do not advertise other servers Discords, Teamspeaks or IP's.

If you're on the server you must be eligible to be screenshared, those who cannot for whatever reason may be banned for refusal to SS.

Do not disrespect the server or staff that are volunteering their time to help you.

This thread will be updated once per week on every Friday after EOTW, You can read the most up to date rules every Saturday before SOTW starts at 1pm EST.​
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