Accepted unpotable Staff Application

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My In-Game Name is unpotable.

NameMC Link:
My NameMC Link is unpotable.

I currently am 16 years old.

My timezone is GMT+2, I am from Romania.

Rank you are applying for:
I am applying for Trial-Mod.

Discord (Required):
My discord is tonyy#5843.

Relevant Experience (List not Paragraphs):
I unfortunately have no past experiences. I really want to gain experience but I keep getting rejected because of this factor. This way I will never gain any experience and I really hope that I will be accepted, I will demonstrate you guys that I really want to learn about staffing.

Why do you want to be staff?:
I want to be staff because I really like helping other people, I like helping out the community and I feel like I can really help you guys a lot if I get accepted.

Why did you pick Cave?:

I applied on here because this server has really big potential. I really like the community that you guys created and I want to be a part of this nice community. I want to help you guys out, I can be really active on the servers, forums and Support Rooms. I want to gain experience and I find this server the most suitable server for me to gain experience because your staff is really good and I can learn from them.
I will try to keep the community as peaceful as possible and I would try to make the chat a really nice place where you can meet and make new friends.
I am really active, I usually end up playing more than my usual schedual. I will spend a lot of time on the Support Rooms, I will keep the server chat a peaceful place where you can meet new players and even make new friends.
I have a lot of respect for everyone. It is one of the most important things for me. Having respect for every staff member and player is the key off succes.
Honesty is a really good thing for a staff member. If you tend to lie to get out of difficult situation you are most probably not a good person.
I would say that I am a really talkative person, it is easy for me to communicate with new players or people that do not understand English that well, I find it really easy to make new friends which can help me a lot.
I will always be a mature person, I do not like childish people, they are fun but they sometimes are to childish.
I usually put a lot of effort in my work, I will never do something just to do it, we have a phrase here in Romania "Graba strica treaba" which means if you rush to do something you will fail. I always do stuff as proffesional and as good as I can.
I usually am really proffesional, I don't think there have been times where I was not professional, I tend to take things very seriously but I can also take jokes and stuff.
I am fair to everyone. I do not give anyone any privileges just because I know them or something like that. I like fairness because in life you do not know who you can meet that could have went through some bad things and I find it really nice and kind to be fair to everyone.
I am really patient, I can wait before getting a response or before doing something. I don't rush to do things, I think twice before I do anything because I might do something wrong and give a person an incorrect punishment for something that he did not do.
I like to be kind to people. I cannot say "no" to a person because I feel bad for refusing someone. I don't like being rude because it can hurt someone's feelings. I tend to promote kindness because you do not know what a person has been through.
I can do things by myself, I can get out of difficult situations pretty easy, I find it easy to take a reject because I know that I can always try again and again until I succeed and get what I wanted to get.
I have always been very curios to learn new things. I really like learning new things that I do not know like programming or playing a new game. I like to discover new stuff and I think that is a good thing because it will motivate me in the future to learn more about staffing.
I usually am very determined to finish stuff and do stuff as good as I can and I when I want something I tend to do the most I can to recieve what I want. This will help me in the future because I will be able to do stuff as good as I can.
I tend to be happy most of the time. I do not get sad that often. I am usually happy because I have everything that I could ever imagine. I have a good life, I have a good relationship with my mom and that is all I need to be happy. Helping people also makes me really happy because I see the smile on their faces and it makes me feel so much better when I see that I made someone happy.
I am very sociable. Since I was a little kid I could make new friends very easy. I have a lot of friends at the moment because I can say that I know how to keep a good relationship with my friends. I tend to integrate pretty easy in a new group of friends. For example, 2 years ago I met a friend randomly on the street that I knew since I was a little kid. He really wanted to become friends again so he asked his group of friends if I could join them. After a few nights of going out with them we became really close friends and we are still friends, we still go out together and we still talk to eachother as much as we talked since we met.
You can put a lot of trust in me, I will always be able to keep secrets, I will never tell someone something that you do not want me to, I find this really important for a person.
I am really hard-working. Since I was a little kid, I do everything I can to do something as good as I can. I work really hard and I would do anything I can to impress.
Issue solving
I consider myself pretty good at solving issues. It really deppends on the kind of issue, but in most cases it is pretty easy for me to solve an issue. I would spend more time on an issue just to solve it if I cannot solve it fast.
This is the same thing as maturity and respect. If you give me respect, I will respect you as well. I want to be able to help as many people as possible, even if I run in a toxic player that is toxic with me. I try to keep my calm and solve the problem with as much respect as I can give.

Do you have a working mic and the ability to record?
Yes I do, I have a good working microphone and I can also record.

What languages do you speak?
I can speak fluent English and Romanian, I can also speak B1 Level French.

Anything else?:

Activity time

Weekdays and Weekends[During School]
Monday: 2 hours only on all platforms
Tuesday: 2 hours only on all platforms
Wednesday: 1 hour on all platforms
Thursday: 1-2 hours on all platforms
Friday: 3 hours On all Platforms
Saturday: 3 hours On all Platforms

Sunday: 3 hours On all Platforms

Weekdays and Weekends [During vacancies]:

Monday 3 hours on all Platforms
Tuesday 3 hours On all Platforms
Wednesday: 3 hours On all Platforms
Thursday: 3 hours On all Platforms
Friday: 3 hours On all Platforms
Saturday: 3 hours On all Platforms
Sunday: 3 hours On all Platforms


it's acceptable that you really want to get staff with no experience, but at least add a good amount of detail...

has a pretty bad schedule imo. gl tho, ig I can see you getting accepted.


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it's acceptable that you really want to get staff with no experience, but at least add a good amount of detail...

has a pretty bad schedule imo. gl tho, ig I can see you getting accepted.
Thanks a lot, as I mentioned above, I usually end up spending more time that I am supposed to so it isn't always 1-2 hours per day, I can end up playing like 3 hours per day because where I live we are kinda quarantined so I have nothing else to do. :)
Thanks a lot for your opinion!
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