Denied un-experienced Staff members.

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  • Ima be honest you have basically accepted every staff member that has no experience and there all shit ngl.

  • #IGN (NameMC Link): B0XIN AKA dikinher
  • Staff Reported: Devattack wont tell me who banned me so i cant say.
  • Discord or Telegram for further questions: BOX#9999 B0XIN1

  • What did said staff do?: basically trinkle ran in my base i quickied him he came back i closed the pet in our petroom so we wouldn't ally but he purposely went in the petroom to kill the pet and then i followed him the pet hit him a few times and then he killed trinkle while i was hitting him and after I killed the pet bc i didnt want to ally and i get banned like holy shit, teach your staff what the terms of allying is. If I didnt kill the pet fair enough but if you watch trinkles video he is hard focusing the pet so the pet is ofc gonna hit back at him and the pet was trying to truce with trinkle and me but trinkle kept hitting him so he attacked back!!!

that staff member wasted my time and overall I dont enjoy all these new 30 staff members.
  • Any evidence you can provide for this situation?: no trinkke had the video

  • Anything else?: Yeah. demote half of your staff members there all un-experienced. (Mod and lower)


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Ay bro I don't really know what happened but about the demote half the staff part I don't think that's acceptable since how would they learn how to get experience without being apart of a server I believe they need to learn and have a mentor with them at all times but not that they should be demoted


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You're saying that, demote half the staff, alot of them are still in their trial-periods, still, and need to learn more.


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The video reported looks like you were allying and I would have banned you for that aswell.

We do not support having "Pets" unless you are a Owner/MediaOwner.
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