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  • IGN: Highweed88

  • NameMC Link:

  • Age: 18

  • Timezone: Gmt+1

  • Rank you are applying for: Trial Mod

  • Discord (Required): Marc.#9999

  • Relevant Experience (List not Paragraphs):
  • Cavepvp /Chatmod//resigned
  • Sagepvp/Tmod/resigned
  • Cavepvp/Seniormod/resigned

  • Why do you want to be staff?:

  • I wanna be staff on the Cavepvp network again,because I have just recently gotten back into minecraft and wanted to get a bit more involved with communitys and stuff so I figured Ill just try and apply and see what happens. I love working in a professional team, gives me some sense of accomplishment doing something good. I have always had a passion for helping people and I believe that in my free time I can be a great addition to the team, helping out in discord, moving players in teamspeak and just overall moderating the server, doing tasks like answering questions, being there for players when they need assistance of a staff member, banning cheaters, muting toxic people etc.

  • Why did you pick Cave?:
  • I have picked Cave over any other server, because Cave has always been my number 1 server to go to, I have been playing since the second map of its release and was staff on here multiple times. I somehow always come back to the server, because I got so many great memories on here. Cave is a well organised server with a good player base, some really good staff members. That is why I would like to apply for Cave again, because I just know how the server works and I got a lot of experience and I might be able to help out other t mods/if they got any questions since I have a lot of experience in staffing, knowledge about the server itself and screensharing, still got the old ss guide of cave.

  • Do you have a working mic and the ability to record?
  • Yea, I can record in any quality I want, I prefer using shadowplay and in general GeforceExperience as my recording software, and I got the blue yeti mic.

  • What languages do you speak?

  • I speak fluent english and german.

  • Anything else?: A little bit about me, my name is Marc, im 18 years old from Germany, used to live in the uk in Brixham to be exact and went there and even did my gces there, at the moment im doing my apprenticeship as a nurse, which is a lot of fun, but is also really stressful.
  • Here is a quick little video which shows me previously being staff on Cave
Thanks for reading my application.
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