Accepted Soul's Staff Application

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Staff member
  • IGN: Soul928
  • NameMC Link:
  • Age: 14
  • Timezone: GMT (EU)
  • Rank you are applying for: Trial Mod
  • Discord (Required): ! Soul#8160
  • Relevant Experience (List not Paragraphs):
    CentrixPvP -Helper
  • Why do you want to be staff: I've been looking for HCF server to staff on for a while now and stumbled across CavePVP, which seems like a nice server to start my HCF staffing on. I've played a few maps of HCF and have got a feel for how the server is like and really like the community.
  • Why did you pick Cave?: Cave is one of the smaller HCF servers and like I stated above I feel like its a nice place to start of my staffing in HCF, and its just generally a nice community to be with
  • Do you have a working mic and the ability to record? yes
  • What languages do you speak? English
  • Anything else?:
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