Denied qsap's ban appeal

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  • IGN (NameMC Link):
  • Do you think you're guilty?: No.
  • Duration of ban: Permamently.
  • Any evidence you can provide for this situation?: No.
  • The reason you think you should be unbanned: I dont think i did anything wrong.
  • Explain the situation briefly if this wasn't for cheating.So basicaly like 3 months ago i got banned because said some very questionable and edgy things (back when there were emperor ranks and shit), ive learned my mistake and will never do it again, i waited til unban all then i got unbanned. Recently ive been banned for the same reason and same ss and i feel wrongly punished, i am permamently banned as of now and i wish i can atleast get a shorter ban or even a unban.
  • Anything else?: No.
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