PumpkinSoda's Appeal

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  • IGN (NameMC Link): PumpkinSoda
  • Do you think you're guilty?: No
  • Duration of ban: Perm
  • Any evidence you can provide for this situation?: During an ss so couldn't record
  • The reason you think you should be unbanned: I believe someone planted a hacked client on my pc called "whiteout" i had never heard of the client or such . Also bought an unban yesterday and no one is dumb enough to hack the next day ( The ban previous was due to having default mouse settings that contained a macro for the right click)
  • Explain the situation briefly if this wasn't for cheating. I believe the Screen sharer disguised a file and downloaded it on my pc and knew where to go to "Sabotage" me and catch me "cheating"
  • Anything else?: I wasn't cheating if someone can find out where this Whiteout hacked client came from I will leave the server in peace.

    Thanks for reading my appeal have a good day.


Appeal Denied, After further review of your logs it has been determined that you were cheating. Buy an unban at store.cavepvp.org if you'd like to play again.
Not open for further replies.