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Nouuuuur (Chaning it to Nqouir in 3days.)

NameMC Link:

I am currently 15 years old.


Rank you are applying for:
Trial Moderator

Discord (Required):

Relevant Experience (List not Paragraphs):
[»] SymbioticPvP:
That was the first server I became staff on, just a quick note all the servers I'm going the list are 1.9 servers, I am a 1.9 Player but I decided to switch 1.8, I first joined the Staff team of SymbioticPvP as a Helper Since 1.9 servers do not have Mod applictions (Including - Chat/Trial) applications.
I was friendly, Doing my job regularly, for a first experience It was good, since I didn't abuse my perms or anything. I treated players the right way, and tried my best to make the server more enjoyable for everyone, which was a thing i succeeded on.
After a couple of weeks, the server owner decided to close the server 1 day Before my promotion to a Moderator, He said that he was going to be busy with some In real life stuff so he decided to close the server.

This was my second experience as A Staff Member on a Minecraft server, the server was new and needed staff, so I decided to apply and try my chance, after applying I was accepted then I got in, the server was reaching from 20 to 30 players a day, so I didn't really had the change to help players as a Helper, neither be active, since everytime I was the only one online, 2 weeks later I was promoted from a Helper to A Moderator, after that I did my job as a Moderating by keeping the server clean and more enjoyable for everyone, time passed... I almost got promoted to Senior Moderator But I decided to leave the server and Resign since they were leaking other players IP's And I didn't want people to think that I was involved in that, and that I was an IP leaker too, because I am pretty know well on the 1.9 community as a good guy and not an IP leaker, I left them then weeks later they closed because of their corruption I guess.

Extra-PvP (AceMc):
I first joined this Minecraft server as A helper, but this one was slightly dead since it reached 10 players a day only, but I still helped the server and got them some players, after couple of weeks the server started growing and I got promoted to a Moderator, I was a staff guider too but secretly, I mean I was a Moderator but the owner was asking me to guide the staff team and help the new trainees. Well, I did everything then weeks later the server closed for an unkown reason, it was deleted along with the Discord server for some reason, since that day I couldn't reach the owner or text him to know the reason that made him close the server.

I first joined this server as a Helper too (this year), I was doing my job as a Helper as always, assisting players, answering questions related to the server, keeping the chat clean. Making sure everyone is having a good experience on the server and enjoying their time so far, thugs-4-less was one of my best experiences, I even became a staff guider in a week, I still had my position as a Helper but I was guiding the staff team, and the inexperienced staff member with screensharing etc.. I can't really say much about this server, all I can say is that It was a great experience since the staff member were working together and helping each other very well, I really liked the way we collaborated together as if we were 1 person, at the end I decided to resign because I wanted to take some time off and apply on CavePvP.
This was the most server I gained experience from, I joined it this summer as a Helper, I was a really good Helper, people called me a legend, this server had a good playerbase, goes over to 100 players a day, that made me help more people and take more responsibilities which I liked since I was also getting a great feedback from the community, after they liked the way I helped everyone, and the way I talk also the way I was able to keep things under control with 80 players online and 0 staff online, 2 weeks later I got promoted to a Moderator, I didn't stop, I kept grinding and grinding, Until everyone started asking the owner to make me an admin, spoiler: he didn't, I handled over +300 reports I believe, I was a very great staff member, I also was and I still am the best screensharer in the entire 1.9 community. I gained the owner's trust, and he made me take even more responsibilities since I was taking stuff seriously and I was a very helpful/resposable person, I took care of it and kept things under control, I also handled 2 network bans [Doxing-Leaking private information of another player], I was a Moderator for literally 4 months, then the owner started adding Helpers that I had beef with, I was blocked by 2 staff members, and they were trashtalking, but the owner did nothing about it, as they were his friends, they even asked me to kill my self, but it's okay, after that I decided to resign, a lot of people dmed me to come back but I said that I would never be back to that Minecraft server as it has corrupted staff, I liked the old Vultex.. The new one is being corrupted, even the owner himself has changed. Therefore I decided to resign and leave my position as a Moderator.

I first joined nido craft as A Helper, they were impressed of my screensharing skills, and the way I keep things under control etc.. So I made friends really fast, that's the only server I was staff on that Actually had forums, since all the other servers were used to have a discord channel for reports, "#staff-reports" "Staff-Help" "Bug-reports", I was a great helper on nidocraft, I got a really nice feedback there too, I did my job very smoothly and professionally after being trusted and graned the Helper rank, keep in mind that I never abused my perms during my Staff career, not even 1 time, I never even false banned/muted anyone, as I said I was responsable, one of the reasons why I had a really good feedback, I resigned from NidoCraft after literally/exactly 3 days because they were exposed for leaking people's IP's, Admins had a "/ip" Command, that they could use, I didn't want people to think that I was invovled so I decided to resign, same thing with Kg-Craft.
Why do you want to be staff?:
Because I like to help, And I would like to try something new. I am willing to give everything for the server, I also want to be staff bceause I think that I am a good fit for this position as I am a very wise person. I also am used to be a staff member, I like to Moderate/Help In general, I always have helped people whether I was a staff member or not. And I think that I would be the right for this position for my:
Honesty - I am a very honest person, even if I did something bad I admit it.
Maturity - I am a mature person, I barely even get mad, which makes me not toxic at all.
Communication skills - I am good at communicating with a mad/toxic player, and keep things under control/keep the chat clean.
Motivation - I am motivated to Help anyone, and represent the server in a great way.

Why did you pick Cave?:
I first discovered CavePvP on a YouTube video of a YouTuber who was recording staff seires on the server, Which motivated even more to join CavePvP, I asked some of my friends about the server, and they said good stuff about it, and recommended me it.
CavePvP also has a good staff team and a good player base, which means That I'm going to make new friends, and get to help more people and keep the server clean of hackers etc..
I also picked Cave because they avoid toxicity a lot, as you can see form the current staff team.

1 last reason that made me Pick CavePvP is me making sure that It's a fun server, That's why I wanted to try it out and discover it even more.

Do you have a working mic and the ability to record?
Yes, I have a working microphone, and I am able to record.

What languages do you speak?
I fluently speak English & Arabic & French.
(Currently on the process of learning Dutch & Spanish)

Anything else?:

I am able to play/spend from 15 to 20 Hours a day, In the weekends I have all day, I'm not a no lifer, but I have a lot of free time.
Regarding School days, I can spend from 7-13 Hours A day.
Quick Note: About the evidence of me being a staff member on the server I listed, free to look for them (the one that aren't closed yet) and ask the owners.
I have a good knowledge of ScreenSharing and catching hackers in general.

Affter all, Thank you a lot for taking some of your time to read my Helper application, If you have any feedback/questions please let me know in the comments section.
Enjoy the rest of your day!
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