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  • IGN: NoPotts
  • NameMC Link:
  • Age: 15
  • Timezone: EU GMT +1
  • Rank you are applying for: Dus Not really matter With my experience in being staff i think a mod or something But if i get T-mod Ill work my way up :D
  • Discord (Required): NoPotts#8543
  • Relevant Experience (List not Paragraphs):

  • -AlphaHCF
    Rank: [Trial mod]
    Playerbase: 50-100
    Resigned because the Staff is extremely inactive and the management team is corrupt.
    Proof: I have a new PC so I don't have any screenshots anymore.... You can check my messages with people about supporting them.

    Rank: [moderator]
    Playerbase: 40-70
    The owner stopped putting time into the server, so the server closed.
    Proof: ^^^

    -Rank: [Owner]
    Here i learned everything about making staffguides, getting media people and having control over the whole staffteam. At this point my maturity started to go 4 times more. It was really nice although it was a really small community.

  • -Serpent
  • -Rank [Mod+]
  • Player base: 50-140
  • Honestly This was one of the biggest servers i could get staff on i learned so much here. One of things are being a mentor, I was mentor Of 2 mentees (Puah) Bajen). I learned them allot and they learned me allot. We had a really good Conection with each other and im happy to say they both got promoted. Sadly i resigined a few days ago on good terms <3.
  • Proof:

  • Why do you want to be staff?:

  • - first of all, becoming helper on Cave would be amazing for me. I've always wanted to be that someone who helps people with problems, deals with player reports, moderates the server, and do everything that staff does. I dedicate a lot of my time to CavePVPhink it's about time that I became a bigger part of it. I would answer as many player reports as possible. I would be as active as I can all the time. Just that feeling of being helper. I want to be staff here. If I became helper, it'd mean much more to me than just helping out with a Minecraft server. I'd meet new friends, get to know people more and reach out to the community more. To sum it up, being helper here at CavePVP
    If I am accepted as a Helper, I will not be resigning. I won't quit until CavePvP is completely dead, with absolutely no hope of returning. We need a lot more Europe staff to help out the server. It seems like for every staff we gain another one resigns. So the important thing is that I always will be online when barely other staff members are online. (You can check my playtime, each map i have above 1 and a half day of playtime)

  • Why did you pick Cave?:

  • Latly, I have a lot of knowledge. I know so much about CavePvP, It is because I spend a lot of time browsing the forums and looking at old announcements. In my opinion, that is a great attribute to have because I can answer questions for other players that are either new or they don't use forums so they need to be caught up on the news. I've read the rules multiple times and I know what's allowed or not. When i'm accepted I will also read the Staffguide multiple times so i have in my head what time each punishment is. Honeslty we need some more Eu staff And we need more staff for big events (Citadel Conquest) That can spectate For allyers cheaters rule breakers etc. Im A really active staff member and think that would perfectly in to cave

  • Do you have a working mic and the ability to record?: Yes

  • What languages do you speak?: Dutch, English

  • Anything else?:
  • This is my Schedule rn:
    Monday - 7 Hours
    Tuesday - 6 Hours
    Wednesday - 6 Hours
    Thursday - 6-7 Hours
    Friday - 9-12 Hours
    Saturday - 5-15 Hours.
    Sunday - 6-12 Hours
    Thanks for having the time to read my application! I’m looking forward to all the feedback...
    NoPotts :)

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I know this guy from serpent I was staff with him, neutral


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+1 was staff on my server, also was staff with me on serpent. Chill guy, good luck fella!


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Good amount of detail
Though I would work on the color scheme a little bit

Good Luck!
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