Ninja star suggestion/kits in combat suggestion


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  • IGN: Shloomy_
  • Telegram/Discord (For more explanation or compensation): Sloomy#6969
  • Explain your suggestion: so basically make ninja stars unlimited, but with this, make them way more rare, cut the rates to like 1/4 of what they are or whatever you guys feel is fair, but make the cooldown longer then it is now so its not to overpowered, say like 4+ mins considering its like 3m20s right now, becuase its mad annoying when u go in someones base, star and then they go into their dropdown and then your screwed, its nice to be able to have another chance at some point. now with this comes kits in combat, kits in combat would literally make base raiding so much easier/ more fun, if your low on pots your just screwed, but if u can do a kit your fine, and its at literally no cost to the other person, there is almsot no way to kill trapper casue they just use trapdoors instead of doors now
  • What server does this suggestion apply to?: fasts
  • Anything else to add?:no


The ninja star idea would be cool but people play on here with the idea of being able to get ninja stars somewhat easy. Kits in combat could be bad for team fighting but if they make it so you can only do kits 1000 down the south road in combat then it would be a good suggestion.


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-1 kits in combat will bring a new way into pvp which is lagging their pc. If a cave rank is in a players trap or dropdown they can just pop 17 kits down and prob lag the person out. Or they can just keep popping kits to waste your time if your criting them.


-1 Base raiding isn't that hard, the poppable kits will ruin any gank/trap fight and also base raiding if the person is a donator
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