[NA] Xenon recruitment page


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Hello community of cavepvp

I am releasing a new discord for xenon.
We are looking for new active members who know what they are doing and preferably have been playing for a while.


age has to be atleast 15
you have to be good, if you arent youll simply be denied or kicked.
gotta be on for atleast 2 hours a day (unless you are doing something and you are out, youre allowed to live your life obviously

What xenon needs:

New discord, means new roster. Here is what we are looking for

Multiple diamond slots are open
Multiple bard slots are open
Multiple rogue slots are open
multiple archer slots are open.

Where you can contact me about recruitment?
Xenon discord (https://discord.gg/DwwmWtxhSM)
My discord Telepathy#0302
My telegram @oTelepathy
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