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NameMC link:

Age:13, turning 14 in 1 week.


Rank you're applying for: Trial-Mod


Do you have any recent punishments:Yes two mutes. The first mute I said the word "coon" as I was referring to the faction "coon gang" that played cave a few weeks ago(I got unmuted like 1 minute after though by staff).My second mute I said Ez and for some reason got console muted I said this to one of my faction members as we were just messing around.Sheepkiller said these muted were fine and I could still apply.

Relevant experience:
Enslaved network: Enslaved was a practice and kit pvp server that I was a chat moderator on. Enslaved averaged around 30 players on at once.Enslaved closed down due to the owner having many irl problems and he just couldn't focus on the server anymore.

Nexolity: Nexolity was a practice server that I was an admin on. Nexolity averaged around 25-40 people on at once, I learned alot of things about staffing here as I was staff there for a pretty long time. I ended up resigning at Nexolity because I had many irl things to do at the time so I didnt want to be staff there if I didnt think I was doing my best work.

Critical PvP:Critical pvp was a factions and kit pvp server.Critical averaged around 50-60 players on at once.This server was great because it showed me what it was like to be staff on a medium sized server.On Critical I was a mod and I was staff there for around 2 months or so.Critical eventually merged with a larger server and every staff had to re apply if they wanted there position back, I never re applied as I didn't like the route the server was taking.

Nyro PvP:Nyro pvp was an hcf server that started around July/August and ended just about 4 weeks ago.Nyro pvp averaged around 40 people on sotw and overall was a great experience.I started off as a trial mod at Nyro and worked my way up to a Sr mod.Nyro unfortunately closed down due to lack of funding.

Why do you want to be staff?:I want to be staff for a variety of reasons. First off I enjoy playing cave and I think its one of the last good hcf servers.I also like where cave is going and how the owners are very active within the community. I want to be staff because I think I can better the server.I have a passion for helping people and no matter how big or small the server is, its always good to help out.I also want to be staff because I have been playing hcf for a very long time now so I am very experienced with the community and the players within it.

Do you have a working mic and the ability to record: Yes, I have both of these.

Anything else:No, thanks for reading -Loaf
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Yeah, I can provide proof of nyro and I have old staff dms with people from Enslaved and Nexolity but I can’t provide proof for critical as I lost contact with the owners .
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