Accepted Juqqernaut's Staff Application

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IGN - Juqqernaut

NameMc Link -

Age - 17

Timezone - NA

Rank I am applying for - Trial Mod

Discord - Juqqernaut#4516 / Telegram - @Juqqernaut

Recent Punishments - No Punishments

Experience - ParityPvP - Trial Mod - Resigned - Evidence (Dm either shredder#0001 or 7zen#1959) ( 57c75aaadc1f2ab519ba832652b579bd.png )

Why do I want to be staff - I want to be staff on cavepvp because it is one of the few servers that isn't losing their player base. Its constantly growing and the owners are doing well at keeping the server headed in the right direction. I want to be able to help people and make sure that players are in check with the rules. As a player myself seeing people being abused for and punishments not being handed out I definitely want to make a difference.

Leadership - I am natural a leader and someone who can't sit by and watch things happen from the sidelines. Not just in Minecraft where I am and always have been a faction leader, I have many leadership roles in real life as well. I think by being a leader it gave me the natural ability to gain peoples respect and easily settle situations.

Diplomacy - Overall I am good at making sure that I have a good reputation among the players and this is partly done through being diplomatic. I am good at talking with people in a way they understand and making sure problems are resolved quickly and justly. This would help when I have to move people in ts for support and in game questions as well.

Dedicated - I am a dedicated person and can't stand when others give up after one try. I am not someone that will just quit right when it gets tough or when I don't feel like staffing anymore. I will stick it through until im no longer needed, or until something irl pops up.

Do I have a working mic and ability to record - Yes I have a mic and can record as needed.

Anything else -

Availability - I am available for at least 6 hours every week day especially these next few weeks because my school is shutting back down. On weekends im available for at least 12 hours and will be online in game for at least 8. Also some other times I might randomly check ts and if someone is there I will log on and help the people that need helped then go again.
Not open for further replies.