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NameMC Link:



Rank you are applying for:
Trial Moderator

Discord (Required):

Do you have any recent punishments?:

Relevant Experience (List not Paragraphs):

MoltresPvP - Moderator
This server was owned by 3 people. Kjl13, MarkeyBuilder & Pheonixfirebear. On this network, I was a helper for around a few months and I did my job as a helper. Making sure the chat was clean and if there were any cheaters record them and report it to higher up staff members. On this server, helpers didn't have perms to ban. The community was heavily dependent on who was on at what time. When Markey streamed on it, the server would reach around be around 50-100 players. The server shut down due to lack of funds and not being able to afford the monthly payment. 2 years later it came back up and I got Moderator.

StormPvP - Senior Mod
This server was owned by a user that goes by the name of "Facted." He was the main owner of this server and I got up to Senior Mod. I went to this server right after Moltres shut down and went inactive for 2 years (stated above.) This server was an HCF server that was online for a bit and then shut down. The reason for the shut down was because the owner Facted quit mc and didn't want to run the server anymore. I don't have proof of me having the rank.

AodusPvP - Moderator then Senior Mod
This server was owned by "Shiroshu." I became staff on this server before it was known for botting and doing all of its wrong acts. I got staff on this server maybe around August of 2018/2019 I forgot what time exactly. This was another HCF server that I staffed on. I staffed on it for around a few months and at the time never knew it was botted. In around mid-October, I decided to resign due to the amount of hate the server got and I didn't want to be resolved in that. Around a year later I decided to see how far I could get. I managed to get Senior Mod which I don't have any proof of.

BlackoutPvP - Admin
BlackoutPvP was the second ever HCF server I staffed on. This was around 2018 before I got staff on Aodus but after Storm. This server didn't really last long either. They promoted people fast if they were active and always on which is how I got admin. The server had around 7 maps before they rebranded to AraPvP which my rank transferred. There was drama between the 2 owners and they both went on to 2 different servers. Overall the server was enjoyable to staff on so I'm glad I got to experience it.

FiercePvP - Trial Mod
When I got staff on Fierce I was really demotivated in staffing. I was behind in school and I couldn't keep up. I tried to do both but I got demoted due to inactivity. It wasn't the worst server but it never really had too many people on at the time during SOTW's or during the week. I did still do my job as a staff member assisting members and helping them out but I was not in the mood for staffing during that time.

MotionHCF - Admin/Mod
MotionHCF was one of the shortest servers I ever staffed on. I applied and got a Moderator since they said my application was good. It lasted 1 map and went offline. Months later it went back up online and I decided to go back and got Admin. I don't have any proof of me having the Admin Rank.
HCDreams - Moderator

This was owned by p71 but it never released.

Why do you want to be a staff?:
Why I want to become a staff member on the network is because Cave is a server I've known for a while. I've played on it here and there but a few friends of mine have been playing on this server and I had a really enjoyable time. I want to help the server out during SOTW's & EOTW's doing my job. I'm also familiar with staffing as I've been doing it for the past 3 years. Another reason is I want to try and learn new things about staffing that I haven't already learned. This goes with commands to screen sharing. I came back to staffing not too long ago and it was pretty enjoyable.

Why did you pick Cave?:
Why I decided to pick Cave was because this server was one of the only good HCF servers out there. I also wanted to try and apply for a server that had a larger player base and a community that I felt like I could fit in and actually enjoy being on the server. All of the owners/staff members are chill and enjoyable to be around. I take my staffing seriously when it comes to helping out players and making sure I can answer any questions they might have. I do have moments where I like to have a little humor here and there when I'm talking to a staff member about another topic that isn't a serious matter. I'm not a 1 sided person and I want to hear both outcomes on the matter if I'm involved. I respect everyone and treat them nicely. I don't really get too annoyed and things or mad.

Do you have a working mic and the ability to record?
Yes, I do have a working mic and the ability to record. My internet is not the best so uploading videos would take a bit.

What languages do you speak?

Anything else?:

I have a speech impediment and a lisp and that's pretty much it

If you've made it this far thank you for reading my application and I wish everyone who applies good luck :)
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