Accepted HandGlide for reinstate


IGN: HandGlide
NameMC Link:
Age: 17
Timezone: EST
Rank you are applying for: Admin - reinstate
Discord (Required): Hyped#5096
Relevant Experience (List not Paragraphs):

Along with being a team member for
them, I was a developer for the community.
At the beginning of the world, the server reached
over 60 players but soon died after two weeks.
"The owners have agreed to shut it down and
turn it into another" Vanilla Factions "and" Skyblock "server.

I 'm familiar with both servers being built,
but I decided to stick with the HCF community.
I resigned peacefully and the server crashed a
month later due to a lack of players.

While it was fun to be faithful staff at the time, I soon became inactive and
thought it was best for me to resign from the position of helper I was given.
Faithful was the first big HCF network that took me in
and gave me an opportunity to demonstrate the talent I could be.
The workers from low to high ranks taught me everything I know to this
day, and soon before I knew it, I was SS Confirmed and Mass Move Confirmed.

I was a Senior Network Administrator who soon progressed into the area of management.
This server has regularly
reached over 70 matches.
It taught me a lot
about systems of management and mentorship.
I miss this server a lot, but it soon died
and the owners no longer wanted to invest in it.

SplitMC was a server on which
I was once a Staff Member.

The server surpassed 110 + players on SOTW, but due
to the amount of plugins they had enabled, it went offline.

Ostrich Factions are being rebranded and I
have decided to step down from my place.

This server trusted in my leadership and I was able to pick
up and use a few items from my previous experience on the server.

Why do you want to be staff?:
For the same reason as a lot of other
people do, I would like to become workers on CavePvP.
That is to have a
time of fun and obligations.
While this is a game where people can create and fight, with
its unique aspects and what they offer, Cave turns it completely around.
My experience is limited, but my knowledge base is huge and
that's why I want to add it to the CavePvP staff team.
The way I see it is that
every entity has to start from somewhere.
With Mojang constantly updating the game, HCF
servers are not the most popular right now.
Right now, Cave 's staff team is amazing and I couldn't disagree with something they've done wrong, but I would like to
step in and place my name on the staff list to make things even better and to support players on a daily basis.
I don't want to be workers to rise through the
"fame" ranks, but instead support the group out and have fun.
It is difficult to find a server with little experience that welcomes you and that is why I believe that cave
will give me that opportunity, that opportunity to show everyone what I can do and how well I can do it.
I would not only leave the server and come
back in 30 days to re-apply if not approved.
I'm going to stay and learn more,
so that I'm stronger than ever before.

Why did you pick Cave?:
I chose Cave because I played
way before the server got high.
I recall joining in 2018, and there
were 20 players online at the time.
I was udner-age, so yeah, I created inappropriate faction names and gave employees a hard time, but then
I adapted to the culture and soon bought emperor rank and played a lot until it merged with Faithful.
I was so happy when I heard Cave coming back and I decided to
apply for staff after playing two maps, thinking I could accomplish the moderator role and
Via the rating
system soon advance.
I love Cave a lot and can't wait to bring it
forward to the workers team using my expertise and knowledge base.

Do you have a working mic and the ability to record?
Yes I have a good Mic and OBS

What languages do you speak?
yo soy Americano, no hablo immigranto
I am American, I do not speak Spanish.

Anything else?:
Yeah ty for reading​


+1 ily give me my sister back now u said ur using her for some personal gain or some sht,

back to the shit genuine guy (As ClearB4 once said "Imma handglide over this dick"




+1 laughed when i made him raidable on cave
+1 ily give me my sister back now u said ur using her for some personal gain or some sht,

back to the shit genuine guy (As ClearB4 once said "Imma handglide over this dick"

I love you all this made me laugh. Got SrMod boys so lets go :D