GrayFox LFF


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OG player since 2014 Shotbow days. Coming back after a long break.

IGN - GrayFox

AGE - 23

PAST FACS - America, Venezuela, Aloha, SixOh, HilltopHoods, Dauntless, Team Green (and the 5+ renamed iterations of the "Alex faction"), Sweatfest, MADDOG, Valor, Titan, Carnage, Zenith, AnimalFarm, TennisPlayers, Whatever Cringed's factions were, Rivendale, SpaceX, Chicago, PainTrain, WalrusGang. Those are the only ones I remember. Too many to count.

YEARS OF EXPERIENCE - I've been playing since OG Shotbow days in 2014. I quit in 2019. I'm back now

CLASS - Diamond. Can Archer but do not prefer it

ANYTHING ELSE - I've played this game with a lot of skilled factions and people. I'd like to think I've learned a thing or two in these 8 years of on and off play

Oh I guess I'm also known for knocking HCTeams Map 15 KOTH with a TNT Cannon while in SixOh :)
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