Accepted GoodLies Ban Appeal

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  • IGN (NameMC Link): GoodLies | Minecraft Profile | NameMC
  • Do you think you're guilty?: No
  • Duration of ban: Perm ban from anticheat
  • Any evidence you can provide for this situation?: I don't have any recording at all unfortunately I was thinking you could SS me or even check logs.
  • The reason you think you should be unbanned: I never was using anything that would give me an unfair advantage. Also I would never hack in the first place considering I'm Streamer Rank. The only thing I could think of is me butterfly clicking or maybe lagging other then that I was doing nothing wrong.
  • Explain the situation briefly if this wasn't for cheating. I was pvping someone and then out of nowhere I was banned by the anticheat.
  • Anything else?: Nope. Thank you for your time
Not open for further replies.