Accepted Fleshy_'s Staff Application

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NameMC Link
15 turning 16 in December.
Rank you are applying for?
T-Mod or lowest one.
Discord (Required)
Do you have any recent punishments?
Relevant Experience (List not Paragraphs)
SmSmCraft (600 Players) - Ex. Owner
Kira.Rip (400 Member Discord - Server Not Up) - Owner
ApolloPvP (50 Players Constant) - Admin
MatrixHCF (10 Players) - Admin ( - White Listed)
Headed's Discord - Admin (

Why do you want to be staff?
I want to become staff on CavePvP because I think I have things to bring to the server. I have a lot of staff experience and experience with the game mode itself. I work very well with staff teams in general. If you assign me a job I will do it. I am very good at dealing with support rooms and dealing with in-game conflicts. I'm very familiar with hacks and hack clients due to me coding my own custom anti cheat for my servers and also owning several ghost clients (To test my ac ofc). My weaknesses are my activity. I can't really play that much on school days due to me taking college level classes in high school. I just don't have a lot of time on my hands. I also could become better at screen-sharing users cheating. I am very diligent in working with teams and to get stuff done. I get them done on time and do not procrastinate. I think I work very hard with servers I help out on. I also am very trustworthy. I follow staff guides and announcements very seriously. I treat the server like it is my family. I don't mess around and I get to the point. I also could learn much from this server. I am very dedicated to CavePvP. I used to play kit map on another acc I sold a month ago. I don't want to apply for the server just to do nothing. I'm applying to help and make the community a better place. I admit I mess around sometimes but that I don't do it in inappropriate ways and situations. I am trying to get back into staffing again and I feel this would be the place. Thank You.
Do you have a working mic and the ability to record?
Anything else?
Nope! If you have any questions for me please dm me on discord!​



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Btw I was partner with op on matrix and the owner let me grant myself admin since idk if yall would take partner with op and staffing as experience
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