Fasts SOTW + Change Log [PAYPAL REWARDS]


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Hello everyone!

These last few months have been insane... We went from hitting barely 100 players on SOTW to hitting 700 on SOTW with 150-250 on weekdays! That is CRAZY!

This is a milestone for not just me or the Ownership team but for all of Cave. I love you all 💖

Release Date 📅
  • Fasts SOTW launches Saturday, February 27th at 1 PM EST.
Fasts Change Log📋
  • NEW Rank Names
    • We have renamed a few of our ranks to make them more Cave themed and organized.
    • Cave is now named Pearl
    • Cave+ is now named Sapphire
    • Emperor is now named Platinum
    • All ranks will have the same perks, kits, reclaims, all we're doing is renaming the ranks.
  • NEW NameMC Voting
    • Be sure to like us on NameMC for a FREE IRON RANK! Type /freerank on any server to use it!
  • NEW Crate Changes
    • You can now only win 1 Ninja Star rather than 2 from Airdrops.
    • You can now win 5 items and 1 final reward from Lootboxes + Crates
  • NEW Kit Changes
    • Buffed the Ravine Kit.
    • Changed Ultimate Kits HellForged to level 4.
  • NEW Overworld KOTHs
  • NEW /f unfocus command
    • Fixed 1.8 skins not showing up.
    • Fixed some issues with bow bouncing.
    • Fixed issues with invis nametags still showing up.
    • Fixed issues with the EU Proxy
    • Fixed issues where you could spawn Cows in Spawn using Cow Eggs.
    • Fixed issues where Lunar Nametags would sometimes not refresh/show up.
    • Fixed issues where Lunar Waypoints wouldn't get removed when a KOTH is over.
Fasts SOTW Information 🌎
  • Faction size is 6 mans, with 0 allies.
  • Conquest max points are 250 to win.
  • Citadel time is 15 minutes to win.
  • KOTHs commence every hour and 30 minutes and the time is 10 minutes.
  • EOTW will start on Friday.
  • F-Top Point Prizes:
    • 1st Place - $100 PayPal
    • 2nd Place - $50 Buycraft
    • 3rd Place - $25 Buycraft
  • Top Kills Rewards:
    • 1st Place - $50 Buycraft
    • 2nd Place - $25 Buycraft
    • 3rd Place - $10 Buycraft
  • F-Top Made Raidable Rewards:
    • 1st Place - $50 Buycraft
    • 2nd Place - $25 Buycraft
    • 3rd Place - $10 Buycraft
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Please Change top rank and make it holiday again or at least change the color, as a top rank I like seeing a new rank for each season! GG THO


this is disgusting, i've been playing cave for most of the time that it's been a server, keep the og ranks


My guy Simply just made fucking Ravine rank a emerald rank that was like 3 lowest rank ggs all ravines we 3rd lowest rank
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