Fasts SOTW Announcement + Change Log


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Hello everyone! Welcome to another SOTW!

This SOTW we will be giving away Gift Cards, Vouchers, and **TOP RANK** to random players that are on for SOTW!

Release Date 📅
  • Fasts SOTW launches Saturday, April 3rd at 1 PM EST.
Fasts Change Log📋
Not many changes this SOTW when it comes to additions to the server, working on something big 👀
  • NEW Bunny Rank & REMOVED Leprechaun Rank
    • We mentioned previously that the Spooky/Turkey/Santa/Cupid/Leprechaun Rank will be renamed for every Holiday. This holiday is for Easter.
    • Everyone who purchased the Leprechaun Rank will be given the Bunny Rank.
    • Same perks as the Leprechaun Rank however we have made some CHANGES
      • [BUNNY] Prefix
      • Access to the #EGG and #EASTER prefix.
      • NEW Easter Kit
        • Added an Easter Crate in the Kit.
      • Access to the Light Purple ChatColor.
      • Reclaim Changes
        • Bunny Rank now gives 16x Eggports in the reclaim.
    • Fixed all issues with partner items, crates, and crate keys not working last map.
    • Fixed all issues with kits and preview.
    • Fixed delayed pearls
    • Fixed more 1.8 skin issues
    • Fixed rod spazzing issue
Fasts SOTW Information 🌎
  • Faction size is 8 mans, with 0 allies.
  • Citadel time is 15 minutes to win.
  • KOTHs commence every hour and 30 minutes and the time is 10 minutes.
  • F-Top Point Prizes:
    • 1st Place - $150 PayPal
    • 2nd Place - $50 PayPal
    • 3rd Place - $30 Buycraft
  • Top Kills Rewards:
    • 1st Place - $50 Buycraft
  • F-Top Made Raidable Rewards:
    • 1st Place - $50 Buycraft
    • 2nd Place - $25 Buycraft
  • Base Competition Rewards:
    • 1st Place - $50 Buycraft
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