Accepted fals ban / set raidble

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  • IGN (NameMC Link):Try_2
  • Do you think you're guilty?:No, i was 3 DTR me fac mate iiromano die in a trap we went 2 DTR Stafftaken was skilld by mryes we went 1DTR than i kick him because iiromano and stafftaken were going to fight for fun.
  • Duration of ban:2 Days
  • Any evidence you can provide for this situation?:No because is unexpected
  • The reason you think you should be unbanned:i think because when he die and came back to the base i kikc him but i stil loste 1 DTR i whent from 2 to 1 DTR en because it was close to the time of his died
  • Explain the situation briefly if this wasn't for cheating.i was net DTR eveding
  • Anything else?:thats evertyhink
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