Fall Update Week 5 - Fasts SOTW


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Welcome to the 5th week of the Fall Update!

This week we will be releasing Fasts which consists of several changes, we hope you will all enjoy this map! Thank you for all the support aswell!


  • NEW Practice maps have been added to HCF Trapping!
  • Fasts SOTW takes place Saturday, November 20th at 1 PM EST.

  • Map Information 📜
    • The faction size is 6 mans.
    • Map Kit is Sharpness 2, Protection 2.
  • F-Top Rewards💰
    • 1st Place - $200 PayPal
    • 2nd Place - $100 PayPal
    • 3rd Place - $50 Buycraft
  • F-Top Raidable Rewards 💰
    • 1st Place - $50 PayPal
    • 2nd Place - $25 Buycraft
    • 3rd Place - $10 Buycraft
  • Top Kills Rewards 💰
    • 1st Place - $50 Buycraft
    • 2nd Place - $25 Buycraft
    • 3rd Place - $10 Buycraft
  • Base Building Competition 💰
    • 1st Place - $50 Buycraft
    • 2nd Place - $25 Buycraft
    • Apply for the base building competition through /basebuild
Fasts Change Log 📋
  • NEW Turkey Rank & REMOVED Spooky Rank
    • We mentioned previously that the Spooky/Fall/Summer/Earth Rank will be renamed for every Holiday. This holiday is for Thanks Giving.
    • Everyone who purchased the Holiday/Spooky Rank will be given the Turkey Rank.
    • Same perks as the Cupid Rank however we have made some CHANGES
      • [TURKEY] Prefix
      • NEW Turkey Kit
      • Access to the Yellow Chat Color.
  • NEW Thanksgiving Lootbox
  • NEW Thanksgiving Key
  • NEW Thanksgiving Kit
  • NEW Faction Roster Revamp
    • Moved the Faction Roster system to a GUI, type /f roster to open it
    • You can now autoselect that member's role when they join your faction
    • From now on when you're in the roster and you join while the faction is full it'll go through all members that haven't been online in > 30 minutes and kick whoever has been the most inactive.
    • You can now disable the faction roster system
  • NEW Spawner Grounds Changes
    • Added Guards at every location
    • New Builds for all locations
      • Every hour on Saturday and Sunday
      • Every two hours on Monday and Tuesday
      • Every three hours every Wednesday and Thursday
  • NEW Partner Item Changes
    • NEW Anti-Ability Ball, Right Click, and all players within a 15 block radius may not use any ability/partner items for 15 seconds
      • This item can be found in the DrePvP Crate Key
    • NEW Anti-Pearl 2.0
      • This item is a combination of the Pearl Refunder and Anti-Pearl
      • Hit a player 3 times to put them on ender pearl cooldown
      • Right Click to reset your ender pearl cooldown
      • This item can be found in the iMakeMcVids Crate Key
    • REMOVED Anti-Pearl
    • REMOVED Pearl Refunder
    • REMOVED Signal Jammer
    • REMOVED Soul Stone Ability Item (Voted upon by a poll 344-55)
    • REMOVED Block Bug Partner Item (Legit 10 people used this item last map, more people use the Portable Jump Boost)
    • Ninja Stars and Reality Stones have a combined cooldown
    • Focus Modes and Risky Damages have a combined cooldown
    • Increased the cooldown for the Focus Mode
    • Increased the cooldown for the Risky Mode
    • Nerfed the Risky Mode from 2% per half health to 1% per half heart.
    • A combined Cooldown has been implemented for the Focus Mode and the Risky Mode
  • NEW Partner Item Limit Revamp
    • We have fully lifted the Partner Item limit, now you can have over 10 partner items however you will be subject to a 20-second global partner item cooldown only IF YOU HAVE OVER 10 PARTNER ITEMS in your inventory.
  • Fixed all known bugs/glitches with the Anti-Clean
  • The damage increase has been lifted in the Overworld
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Telegram - https://t.me/CavePvPorg
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