Accepted droppedfam's Trial-Moderator Application

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IGN (NameMC Link):
Age: 15
Timezone: EST
Discord (Required): d i s c o r d#0001
Rank you are applying for: Trial-Moderator

Relevant Experience (List):
VenomHCF: Proof:

I was a Mod on the network and I dealt with cheaters and rule breakers. I resigned due to the toxic p2w playstyle.

HCPython: Proof:

I owned this server with Tech, an5, and I left because the other owner was never on and he was very unprofessional

ExtraxPvP: Proof:

I was a Head-Manager and I dealt with the staff/media applications.

HCCloud: Proof:

I was a manager on this network. I resigned after the owner ((SelectHCF)) was exposed for faking screenshots.

HCSerux: Proof:

This server was owned by an abusive owner and abusive managers. I resigned because the owners were racist and overall unprofessional.

KatanaPvP: Proof:

I was a trial-mod on this server. The server never released so I understand if this doesn't count as relevant experience.

HCPython (Revamped): Proof:

After the old HCPython I was asked a few months ago by an5 if I wanted to come back as an owner, I accepted his offer, in mind that he had changed. I resigned shortly after realizing he had not changed.

NightmareHCF: Proof:

HCF server owned by lunarexe that never released.

HCClans: DM me on discord for proof.

HCClans: DM me on discord for proof.

Owned by iGlitchL and PackFolder_, this was the rebranded VenomHCF. I left due to school and work getting in my way, I wasn't able to play enough.

SyncPvP/Eytril: DM me on discord for proof

I a trial-mod on the network and I was demoted for "cheating".

Nitro Drops Discord: Proof:

A Nitro drop server that I used to moderate. I left because people kept begging for nitro,

Sparrowwz Birb Cage: Proof:

Old friend of mine had a community discord and I left because I wanted to go to a bigger server.

Friends Server: Proof:

Why do you want to be staff?

I want to staff for the CavePvP Network because of a few reasons. Firstly, I want to expand my experiences to larger servers. The servers I have staffed for averaged around 10-25 players. I want to staff on a server with 30+ players average. I feel that CavePvP is a good place to start my staffing for "popular" HCF servers.

What puts me over other applicants?
Maturity and Patience:
I am very calm and patient. When I player is constantly spamming I need help in discord. I take the time to analyze the situation and explain to them (if they were punished) why they were and why the length of the punishment is the length it is. If a player is reporting another player and they are spamming that there is a block glitcher, pearl glitcher, or a hacker, I will try to log on and deal with the situation as needed.

I am very active on the discord of CavePvP, the forums and the discord. I cna be on almost all day, from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed. (Yes I have too much free time)

Do you have a working microphone?

Yes I do.

What languages do you speak?
English, taking Spanish in sophomore/junior year

Anything else?

Nope, thanks for reading!
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The main information: Why do you wanna be staff; What puts you over other applicants has 1-5 sentences per question.


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