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fieen (Will be changed to Deafed in 9 - 10 days)

NameMC Link:



Rank you are applying for:
Trial Mod

Discord (Required):

Relevant Experience (List not Paragraphs):
Vyrix - Mod - Proof - Resigned (Lack of playerbase)

HCDreams - Helper - Proof - Demoted (Due to one of the owners didn't want me as staff)

ValidHC - Mod - Proof - Resigned (Lack of playerbase)

SyncPvP - Senior Mod - Proof - Resigned

SerpentRIP - Mod - Proof - Resigned

HCRival - Helper - Proof - Resigned

HCRealms - Mod+ - Proof - Demoted (Asked them why they are immature)

AdeptMC - Senior Admin - Proof - Shutdown

Tellus - Platform Admin - Proof - Resigned

RagePvP - Mod -
Proof - Demoted (I was being immature at the time and advertised the discord which was my mistake)

Why do you want to be staff?:
First of all, I can bring teamwork. I have some friends on the staff team whom I can work with and communicate with. If there are people that are not my friends I'll try and be their friend. If someone doesn't want to be my friend on the staff team I will not force them. If they do not like me than that is fine with me. If they do not like me I will still be friendly to them and still communicate with them. Sometimes staff don't communicate with each other because they don't like each other. That is not a good idea. Even if you don't like someone you should communicate with them and try to figure out your differences.

Second of all, I will dedicate my time to this server and I will not take my staff position lightly. I will try and work hard and work my way up the ranks but most importantly help out players and make the server a better place to be. I will make sure to stay with Cave long term and not resign for a reason that is not valid. I will not resign unless it is a valid reason.

Third of all, I can record a staff series a few times in a month. Staff series can bring players to the server and help out the server even more! Staff series also can get more players motivating in becoming a staff member here at Cave. I saw a few staff series and that made me become interested in Cave staffing. Staff series are enjoyable to record and to watch. Also I watched a few staff series myself from people staffing on Cave so that means I learned a little from them and I am not clueless if I do get staff.

Lastly, I can be active so I can bring activity to the server. I am on 30 minutes to 3 hours a day and I can be on the server, discord and teamspeak for about 30 minutes - 3 hours a day. Sometimes I see a lot of people in support rooms waiting for over an hour or so and that is frustrating to deal with if you are in there for such a long time. Also most of the time people AFK in support rooms if they don't get moved in like 30 minutes so if they AFK and a staff member moves then an hour later they most likely won't release and they get kicked out of the channel. Staff members being active will be beneficial to the server.

Why did you pick Cave?:
I want to be staff at Cave because I believe Cave is a really good server to play and staff on. I also believe I should be a staff member on Cave because of the experience I had, my professionalism, my activity and dedication to becoming a staff member. I know the staff commands, how staff should behave, staff should be role models and staff members are people who you should feel comfortable talking to. I have already spoke to MANY people in the staff team and I am friends with some of them. I believe I will work even better with the staff team if I am friends with them and we talk even outside of staffing. Another reason you should accept me as staff is that my grammar is pretty good. Having good grammar makes the staff member look professional but you also have to ACT professional as well. I want to be accepted here because I would like to record a staff series on a server and I know that CavePvP is a good server to staff on. Also I have some friends on the staff team I would love to staff with. Every server has different staff and different ways staff should do things. I also want to be accepted here because this is a semi big server. I don't really want to staff on a bigger server because of a two reasons. The first reason is it'll be harder for me to get accepted as a staff member. A second reason is big servers pile a LOT of pressure on you to do support rooms, be really active, be super professional and more. I believe Cave is one of the best servers to staff on. I also will make sure I am mature whilst staffing and off of staffing. Staffing is a passion for me and I enjoy staffing. Even if staffing gets hard I will still stay staff unless its a personal and valid reason. Sometimes there are toxic players on Cave and I know how to deal with them. I also can remember most of the punishments from the staff guide. I also try to be the best staff member I can be. If I get criticized I will not get mad. If I do something wrong I will make sure to message a higher staff member that I made a mistake. I understand if I do not tell a head staff member I could get in even bigger trouble.

Do you have a working mic and the ability to record?
Yes I do!

What languages do you speak?
Persion, Pashto and English

Anything else?:
My telegram is @itsDeafed


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[+] Has lots of experience in lower staff ranks and higher staff ranks.
[+] Great amount of detail
[+] Seems like he could be a good addition to the staff team.

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