Accepted Daxman24's Staff Application [NA]

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IGN: Daxman24
NameMC Link:
Age: 15
Timezone: EST
Rank you are applying for: Trial Mod - Mod
Discord (Required): breezy#2514
Do you have any recent punishments?: No
Relevant Experience (List not Paragraphs):

ResolvePvP - Staff Manager, Proof
Exorath - Staff Manager, Proof
RaiderzMC - Staff Manager, Proof
ZentoPrison - Staff Manager, Proof
Severus - Staff Manager / Media Manager, Proof
SatellitePvP - Media Manager, Proof
HCSerux - Platform Admin, Proof
MatrixHCF - Platform Admin, Proof
Kira - Platform Admin, Proof
Murder - Admin / Translator Manager, Proof
Minewide - Admin, Proof
SagePvP - Moderator, Proof
PvPGym - Trial Mod, Proof
LlamaCraft - Helper, Proof

Why do you want to be staff?:

I'd like to become staff on CavePvP because I honestly just love helping people. I've been staffing on Minecraft servers since 2017 and I have gathered a lot of experience since then. Although some of my experiences may be on servers you may not know, don't let this fool you, all of these servers I have staffed on have contributed to who I am today. I feel that with my experience I could help change CavePvP in the best way possible, I would make sure to moderate the server putting in multiple hours a day fulfilling all player's needs. With my activity, you can expect that at any time, a player can reach out for help and someone will be there. I know what it's like to need help in a certain situation and no one is there, maybe you got insided or you need to report a cheater, with my activity you can reach out immediately and expect a quick response.

I would also love to become staff at CavePvP because honestly, it's lacking staff in general. With the lack of staff, it's hard to get help when a player may need it most. I honestly do see my self staying at Cave for awhile if accepted, I would love to work through the ranks and get to know the staff team as it seems like a great place to be a part of. I've been told that Cave does have a chill Staff Team and this is really important for someone like me, I love to have a good work environment to be in and others are probably the same way, I just feel if it's a bad work environment then nothing will get done and no one will like to work with each other. If the Staff Team didn't want to work with each other then problems could definitely occur, teamwork is a very important aspect to have in a staff team and without it, nothing will get done, and even if it does it won't be to the best of its ability. I do believe that if I were introduced to the Staff Team I could welcome a great work environment for the Staff Team and make sure that at all times the Staff are enjoying what they're doing.

Do you have a working mic and the ability to record? Yes
Anything else?: Thanks for taking the time to read over my application, hope to hear back soon!


[*] Great application/Easy to read
[*] Has staffing experience
[*] Very detailed

Good luck man🌲


Staff member
Your Staff Application has been accepted.

Please join and join the interview waiting room for your interview.

Note - Excessive Asking Staff When You Will Be Interviewed May Lead To A Deny In Your Application.
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