Accepted CustomChat's application (EU)

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NameMC Link
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Rank you are applying for

Discord (Required)

Relevant Experience (List not Paragraphs):
Mod+ ExoticMC
HeadMod/HeadEU translator MegaHCF
Helper VoyageMC/MindPvP

Why do you want to be staff?
I've been playing this game for quite a while i've played since like 2011 to 2015 on my CheffedUp account 2015 to 2017 on my Backan1 account and 2017-Today on my CustomChat account i think my time has come to retire and kinda do something back for the community/game. So i want to staff on servers i played i will only staff on Cave for now since i have school n stuff so i can't staff on multiple servers and do school work.
Why did you pick Cave?
I really like the community the server has great potential and i want to help it reach that potential. The fact that Cave went from a active server to a dead server makes me pretty sad and i think i can do something about it once i'm in the right staffing position. This server means alot to me so i kind of want to do something back for it in exchange of all the good times and memories.
Do you have a working mic and the ability to record?
Yes, i can record 60FPS 720P and i have a working mic.

What languages do you speak?
I speak Dutch, French, English, Dari. All fluently or enough to form a basic conversation.

Anything else?
I can provide staff proof during interview if I get pending.
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[+] Good amount of detail.
[+] Good format.

Overall Score
[+] 1

P.S Not to sure on why everyone is saying lack of detail but then you look at all the other application with basically no detail and then you + 1 that. Idk just saying I personally don't know this guy but seems like a good guy and knows what he is doing. Good luck hope you get staff.
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