CavePvP Valentines Update Week 14


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Hello everyone, we are happy to introduce our 3.0 Update...

This update is absolutely the largest update HCF has ever seen, this update will be taking place May 26th.
We are focusing on attacking several problems regarding HCF, our main focus is on:
1. Pay-to-Win (Making HCF freer)
2. Partner Items (too many, too OP, etc.)
3. Stale/Boring (Adding many new things)
4. Bringing in new communities
and many more problems facing HCF!

We have received over 500+ survey results which we thank you all for and by far the most suggested/complained about topics were what I listed before. However, we will be focusing on many other issues that require our attention such as staff, economy, bugs, cheaters, etc...

We are giving away $100 PayPal, 5x Cave Ranks, and 5x $25 Gift Cards! RT + Follow + Like the tweet below to enter!

  • Fasts SOTW takes place this Saturday, May 14th, at 2 PM EST!
In celebration of our update, we will be doing our BIGGEST CAVE RANK SALE yet! This sale will be going off when our update comes out, save big on our highest rank and most OP rank!


FAsts-SOTW (2).png
  • Map Information
    • The faction size is 6 mans.
    • Map Kit is Sharpness 2, Protection 2.
Fasts Change Log 📋
  • Some bug fixes and other changes

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