Accepted CavePvP Staff Application

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  • IGN: My IGN is Possessin
  • NameMC Link: My NameMC Link is
  • Age: I am 14 year old
  • Timezone: My timezone is Alaska Standard Time
  • Rank you are applying for: I am applying for Trial Moderator- Mod
  • Discord (Required):My discord is bob2#8350
  • Do you have any recent punishments?: I do and it was for reaching and deleted everything and I stopped cheating.
  • Relevant Experience (List not Paragraphs):
  • Proof Resigned server died
  • AortilePvP Trial Moderator Proof Resigned server had no player
  • Chat Moderator at RippleHCF The server went down after sotw
  • Moderator at ValueHCF Resigned My other discord account
  • French Translator at ViperMC Still is but that doesn't count as staff
  • AuroraMC Moderator FIRST SERVER
  • Why do you want to be staff?: I want to be staff cause I love CavePvP its one of my favorite server and I've always wanted to staff on a active server. I have allot of extra time recently so I could use that into helping the server out.
  • Dedication
    When applying for a Network, and if accepted I will always be dedicated. I applied on this Network to help, not sit there and watch work be done. I will altleast do double the work you would tell me to do .


    At all time I am professional . I may do jokes from there to there but its really rare. I want to represent the server so that Cave doesn't lose player. Keeping a player base is important and Cave does it well.

    Do you have a working mic and the ability to record?
    Yes, I have a working good quality microphone & I have multiple recording software I am a streamer/Youtuber

    Anything else?
  • Thank you for reading! and have a good day
  • Spleefing and IGNLuin can vouch
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Neutral what sever is ValurHCF though? And can people vouch cause proof could and might be fake


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Neutral what sever is ValurHCF though? And can people vouch cause proof could and might be fake
I meant to put valuehcf sorry it is fixed and I have IGNLuin that can vouch for hcserux and aoertilepvp and Spleefing for auroramc and other people if they see my app can vouch from other server.


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Hey, you also plagiarized a few of my sentences I used in my application.

- Dedication.

Everyone plagiarizes at some point in there life so I’m not mad at you, just make sure not to do that.

Thanks, Dylan.
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