CavePvP 3.0 - Week 4 - Pearls Revamp & Kits Reset


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CavePvP 3.0 Update - Week 4

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Fasts SOTW
Saturday, June 18th at 2 PM EST

Sunday, June 19th at 2 PM EST

This week, we'll be releasing a new Kits Season and experimenting with Sunday releases. We also have a smaller changelog than usual this week as we continue to work on new content and projects to further expand the network. Over the next month, we'll also be looking into expanding our Partner team from YouTube and Twitch creators to TikTokers to complement the addition of 1.19 and Bedrock support.

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In celebration of our big update, we will be running our biggest sale yet for the next few weeks.

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🌎Fasts SOTW: All Information
All information regarding this SOTW will be shown here:
  • Faction Size: 6 mans, 0 allies
  • SOTW Date: Every Saturday at 2 PM EST
  • EOTW Date: Every Friday at 5 PM EST
🌎 Fasts Changelog:

💫 New Enderpearls
The latest pearl update has introduced cross pearling and patched previously existing pearl glitches.

🏢 New
Blueprint Walls & Faller
You can now type /blueprints and hit either Walls or a Faller to generate a wall around your base.
Walls and Fallers cost Coins for now.

🛡 New Armor Classes
We introduced Armor Classes a few maps ago, here are some new ones!
These new classes are basic Diamond Armor with special abilities.
You can obtain them through the XP Shop or by winning them.

They all come with Protection 2, Unbreaking 3, Speed Boots, and Fire Resistance, you must add custom enchants to them through books.

Renamed the Butcher Armor Class to Pyromaniac

• Throw Shockwaves by SHIFT + Right Clicking your Sword [5m cooldown]
• Every hit on an enemy has a 1% chance of putting them on Fire and giving them Wither I for 8 seconds.

Spider Man
• Permanent Jump Boost II, Speed II, Fire Resistance I
• 25% Permanent Fall Damage Reduction
• SHIFT + Right Click sword and the player who last hit you will instantly be put in a 2x2 filled with cobwebs. There is a 15% chance of repeating this for 15 seconds after activating every time you hit the player. [5m Cooldown]

💰XP Shop Changes
• Lowered all the key/lootbox/airdrop prices
• Added 3.0 Mystery Box and Depth Strider III books to the XP shop.

🌎 Fasts SOTW: General Changes

  • Heavily revamped pearls, they're much more smooth now. Fixed many of the glitches.
  • All armor classes now have implants
  • Added /help, /armorclasses /outposts and many more GUIs to help players out
  • Added God Kits to coin shop
  • Reworked XP Shop prices and added Mystery Boxes and Blueprints
  • Armor Classes are now obtainable from the 3.0 Mystery Box as a final reward.
  • You can now double-click boots with a depth strider book to apply it instead of an anvil!
  • Fixed many more bugs
  • Fixed the random kicks for flying and for "Disconnected"
🏹 Kits SOTW: All Information
All information regarding this SOTW will be shown here:

  • EOTW Date: This Saturday at 5PM EST.
  • SOTW Date: This Sunday at 2PM EST.
🏹 Kits SOTW: General Changes

  • Buffed the Legendary GKit and made it available through the Coin Shop.
  • Fixed and reimplemented Reaper class.
    • Reaper class will only be able to use the 'Life Steal' effect on diamonds when activating the class ability. This was essentially the issue that allowed for Reapers to trade with Diamonds 24/7.
  • Modified the Tokens crate.
  • Fixed Color Swap event.


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