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15 turning 16 very soon.


AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight Time)

Rank you are applying for:


Telegram (Required):


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Do you have any recent punishments?:

Yes, I indeed do and I apologize for them. For all my actions in the past I apologize and I would not like my past history to affect my application, I hope you will forgive me.

Relevant Experience (List not Paragraphs):

None that were big, sorry.

Why do you want to be staff?:

I want to be staff on this Minecraft server for several reasons. Mythic staff count has been on the decline for the past few weeks with only having one or two staff who are AU and actually were playing Mythic before the merge into the new found server CavePvP. A lot of staff members have lost motivation to keep working for Cave Network after the merge so I would like to fulfill their positions that they have left as of recently.

Cave Practice (AU) need more staff moderating it, I'm applying to become a staff on here so I can motivate people and move people forward for the benefit of Cave/Mythic Network, I want to see this server succeed and not having Mythic shutting down due to lack of staff efforts from the players just because of the merge, In my personal opinion the merge was a good growing point for the server but the staff had just lost motivation to do their jobs, so here today I want to fulfill the position that they have left.

Now onto the main point of me applying, I like staffing on Minecraft servers whilst I'm not at work but sometimes work can cap my activity but usually it doesn't. I'm either playing Hypixel or playing Mythic/Cave network, I spend way more time on Mythic though then I do any other server. I want to see this merge succeed and having willing staff members that have the motivation to stick with it as it could make the Ownership team believe they don't need a AU practice anymore due to those lack of efforts every Mythic player would never like to see that happen so in me applying today it is to stop whatever can happen in the near future.

However I had some recent punishments I'm not proud of, but I will never do them again or talk in a manor like that. I can clearly tell that Mythic needs more staff members for this, I am apologizing and I do not want this to affect my application as I want to see Mythic/CavePvP as a whole succeed.

I spend roughly 20 hours per week on just playing the network, so I would like to put that time into helping out and being a staff member, I always work hard and make sure I'm doing the right thing. I am mature and I have a lot of patience, I handle every situation with professionalism and being mature throughout the situations.

Do you have a working mic and the ability to record?

Yes, I can record up to 360 fps and more. I will always have Shadowplay going to keep track of hackers and other offenses.

Can any current CavePvP staff member vouch for you? (If none, leave blank)

Anything else?:

I am currently 15 and I am from Australia. As of right now I have a job and I'm getting paid for it. I roughly do 22-24 hours working a week, so I would not like that to affect my application. I enjoy playing CavePvP and I would like to see it succeed in the future. I wish that me not having experience will not affect my application.

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-1 little detail; also I think his teammate vouched for him (the first rely was made just a minute after the post was uploaded


Your Staff Application has been set to pending.

Please join and join the interview waiting room for your interview.

Note - Excessively asking staff when you will be interviewed may lead to a Deny in your application. We will get to your interview when we are available. If you're interested in scheduling a time for an interview please contact @BOSSBRO91 on Telegram.
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