Accepted blizzard's trial mod application!

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New member
  • IGN: bizzrd

  • NameMC Link:

  • Age: 13

  • Timezone: EST

  • Rank you are applying for: Trial Moderator

  • Discord (Required): bIzzrd#0986

  • Relevant Experience (List not Paragraphs):
    AzialPvP - Admin, but later resigned.
    AlphaHCF - Manager, server shutdown
    KrakenHCF - Moderator, resigned.
    MoonPvP - Owner, server shutdown.
    TemperHCF - Owner / Manager, resigned.
    SorixPvP - Manager, resigned.

  • Why do you want to be staff?: I would love to be staff because I feel like I can bring a new feel to Cave. I want the server to be non - toxic, and I will try my best to ban everybody that deserves it. (Like hackers, etc.) I also find staffing super fun, meeting new people, and just overall making new friends. I would also love to do a Staff Series. I've done some before but they are no longer up. I have some good experience and I know what I'm doing most the time. But of course, I also want the players, the community in general to have a fun time playing server!

  • Why did you pick Cave?: I chose Cave because I am a long time player, and I find this as an opportunity to learn new things and meet new people. I am known by a lot of people, and I have been playing before the merge. I used to be Cave+ and would absolutely love playing on here. I want new people to feel what I felt, to play and have fun. I know some of the staff, and they are super cool and funny, and I would love to staff with them. I just think that this server will most likely be the best server. The server itself is super good, and all the people are super welcoming.

  • Do you have a working mic and the ability to record? Yes, I do.

  • What languages do you speak? I speak English, and know a bit of Arabic.

  • Anything else?: Nope!
Not open for further replies.