Denied Ban appeal for HAGES/NICOLESEXME

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(Will explain why I’m linking 2 namemcs)
Are you guilty: yes? I guess you could say
Duration of the ban: perm
Why should I be unbanned: because I have uninstalled the autoclicker I use, as I realized it
gives a virus and I’m better of butterfly clicking instead of cheating and still being pretty bad at the game. I really want to play cave as I want to play the kitmap since it’s really all I enjoy since viper is kinda dead and boring. I also want to mess around with my friends on fast again. If you would like to schedule a Screenshare dm me on discord hagesxd#1000, I will only be able to Ss 10am-3pm est because of school. Please unban me as I have learned from my mistakes and will not autoclick again

anything else: Well I know this is a late appeal but, I was originally gonna wait it out. But when I tried to log into my account it was locked. I can prove it is locked if you want me to on dc. So technically I’m appealing for nicolesexme but at this point in timesince I haven’t logged on nicolesexme I think it’s banned because it’s linked to my ip??? Idk I just really want to get unbanned and again I wouldn’t have made this appeal if I didn’t get locked out.



No Account IGN you have given is currently Banned, You may make another appeal with the correct information.
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