Accepted Airment's staff Application

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IGN: Airment

NameMC Link:

Age: 14 ( 15 in Two Months )

Timezone: CEST

Rank you are applying for: Trial-Mod

Discord: Airment#5299

Relevant Experience -
Senior Admin - Resigned
Proof: SrAdmin but fewer players
This server was really special to me. I was staff on there for about 2 months. I learnt a lot of things from staffing on there. This server was the new version of meaning i started off as a Moderator. -
Mod - Sold
Proof: ( Old manager on Murder Before it got sold)
I was staff on for about 2 months before the Owner Gf9 and ProdByPengu decided to sell it. I learnt the basics of being a staff on -
Helper - Demoted
Proof: No Proof
I was staff on a server called Sincity. I was staff on there for about 1 week, but I got demoted for being underage, apparently, they did not read my age on my staff application. -
Sr-Mod - Demoted
I was Staff on hcrival for about 3 months before I got Demoted.

Why do you want to be staff?:
I am quick to respond to other questions and issues. I know the rules well and I’d like to keep the server from rule-breakers. I also feel like Cavepvp sparked some kind of attraction that made me like the server and as I played more on it the more and more I liked it. I also chose Cave over other servers because I see potential in this server that others don't see.

Why did you pick Cave?:
I Would like to become a Staff member on Cave because I know a lot of ways on how to Control being a staff and being a standard player simply isn't enough for me. I have a few more reasons and that is because I really do like helping players and even sometimes other staff members. I feel like I am very capable of doing this job because I am respectful on all Platforms. I respect everyone's opinions and I treat everyone the way I would want to be treated. Another reason why I think accepting me is a good idea is that I do my job and I take this seriously, As well as being serious about this job I'am also a chill/cool guy, i like to mess around sometimes ( Not Abusing or Unvanishing in front of Players) I am calm under circumstances if two players start being mean in the chat or if a Player comes into Support room Stressing, I can handle that without getting mad or stressed myself, unlike some staff members on other servers. I also know decently-much information about the server and I have been part of it for a while I think it is ideal that if I could help players out as much as I can. I have been playing Minecraft for five years, and I am familiar with most aspects of it. I try to be as active as I can on both the server and the forums obviously i wont be that active while I am at school but other than that I am pretty active, i spent most of my free time staffing on servers (If I am staff on a server) I am dedicated and am willing to do whatever is needed to help make the server better. Whenever another player or staff requires or asks for my assistance, I am happy to help them with whatever they may need.

Do you have a working mic and the ability to record?: Yes I have a Blue Yeti Microphone and I can record using OBS

What languages do you speak?:
I speak Norwegian and English and some Swedish aswell.


Anything else?:
Yes one last thing, i know that some of my application parts is Plagiarized and that is because those parts are from my Previous Staff Application on Duskmc/hcrival and a guy called sellphone stole big parts of my Application. Also, Sheepkiller69 if you Read this, I just want to say that I change what rank i Applied for.
Thank you for Taking your time to read this. Have a good day!


Sheepkiller did not state a time when I could re-apply. I got denied because I applied for the wrong rank. Thank you for the feedback.
Alright well the default is 2 weeks and I will change my rate to a 0.5 because I can vouch for muder you where a good staff when I played
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