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  1. torpical

    Kingdom👑 vs Mellow ❄️

    Drop a like ty
  2. torpical

    Kingdom👑 vs Mellow ❄️

  3. torpical

    Kingdom vs Rent

    Like & Comment Kingdom Vs Rent (Pack Showcase)
  4. torpical

    Unity vs Revenge

  5. torpical

    Subscribe To My YouTube Channel -

    Subscribe To My YouTube Channel -
  6. torpical

    Rent vs Culumbia @ koth (Video)

    Rent vs Culumbia @ koth -
  7. torpical

    (NEW VID) Drilling Kids In Nether

    Make Sure To Check My New Video Out! If You Enjoyed It Make Sure To Leave A Like And Sub! I've Been grinding a lot lately
  8. torpical

    <!> Recruiting Experienced And Good Players <!>

    Hi, Welcome. My faciton is recruiting, and were looking for good, experienced and awesome players. If you're experienced, above the age of 13. And is good at HCF make sure to join my discord and apply for a faction member! I even have a YouTube channel if you're intrested to get to know me...
  9. torpical

    Need Help With My Channel! :D

    I see what you mean, thanks for the tips ill try doing the thumbnails better!
  10. torpical

    Need Help With My Channel! :D

    Thanks a lot!
  11. torpical

    Need Help With My Channel! :D

    Hey, So I've returned to YouTube lately and I want to do as good content as I can, and grow on YouTube. So I'm wondering if you guys are down to review my channel and like a video and tell me what I could add or done better. I Mean like quality, series, thumbnails, banner and more. I Really...
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