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  1. RaidableKid

    Cavepvp staff.exe

    I love how proffesional this staff is in this clip
  2. RaidableKid

    I love cave's logic

    so your telling me u nerf every single fucking kit and leave the most op one out lemme just make this more clear Nerf Rouges.
  3. RaidableKid


    Honestly I made this post just to make a discussion about how staff on cavepvp should calm their fucking tits with the bans man u 600 players on sotw this map u dropped 400! calm down with the bans bruh u need the players this will fucking kill cave
  4. RaidableKid

    Uhmmmm so we just gonna ignore this ?

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO simply said Im giving who ever bhops downroad $500 or my holeb bank account even SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO pay this man $1000 for violating the living FUCK outa ur anticheat
  5. RaidableKid

    Add Deathban Arena?

    Make a deathban arena I am ravine rank it dosnt matter Ravine , Earth , Cave has 5mins deathbans but I kinda feel bad for the defaults or iron ranks 2 hour death ban and 10 lives I wanna use my alt and just go to the deathban arena and practice cave kb cuz cave talented. yk yk ? Make a...
  6. RaidableKid

    How retarded can 1 staff member get?

    BoBoXD ur not the smartest honest to god like what are you on I got muted for 14 days for what my holy book says NICE one cave nice one retards BoBoXD ur a srmod who the fuck do you think you are doing mute appeals?
  7. RaidableKid

    Hottest player world-wide

    If you think your the hottest player worldwide say it RN ill rate 😉 Simple man with simple needs 😉 😉
  8. RaidableKid

    Mingle ?

    anyone single ready to single if you read this and dont respond thats a yes ;)
  9. RaidableKid

    Aight i stg if i get banned no fucking way

    my mouse double clicks for some reasonIf i get banned on cave ill fucking flip out I dont wanna lose media xD
  10. RaidableKid


    Hello there people of the internet you have stumbled upon a really important forum post! today we are here to discuss something about a certain staff and it is 1ddy! He is the best staff NA or SA idk what he is he moves people in support rooms a lot of times he is hot... like do I need to say...
  11. RaidableKid

    what the allowed debounce time on here?

    I got banned before for having a low debounce time so i wanna know what ms should i put it to
  12. RaidableKid

    I think cave should change their anticheat 😂

    I already got unbanned for this But its kinda funny seeing the fact that slime can get you banned 😂😂😂😂😂 So lemme explain this The slime dosnt exists in a way i break it dosnt go in my inv so its not a there so if you stand on it the server thinks your flying
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