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Welcome to CavePvP!
CavePvP is the leading HCF network. Join today using the IP: cavepvp.org
Registration Issues
Please note that registration currently does not support no-premium users. We're working on allowing support for these players in the near future.

If you're unable to connect to register.cavepvp.org and get one of the following error messages:

ISSUE: Kicked for "java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused: no further information:"
SOLUTION: Connect using this IP address instead

ISSUE: Kicked for "Failed to verify username!"
SOLUTION: Log out of your Minecraft account and sign back in again. If you're a no-premium user, then registration is not compatible with your account at this time.

ISSUE: Using /register doesn't do anything.
SOLUTION: Reconnect to the registration server on Minecraft Version 1.8.8 - our current system may have issues supporting earlier or later versions of Minecraft.

If any further issues arise, please report it to a staff member in TeamSpeak. Thank you.