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Partner Items
Summer Update Partner Items and Changes:

Remove Partner Item limit

Med Kits: Now can be used in mid-air

Some of the Infinity Stones are back in the Mystery Box:
Power Stone and Reality Stone

All the Infinity Stones are now available and more common in Omega and Illuminated Chests too:
Power, Reality, Soul, Space, Mind, and Time Stones.

Slam Dunk:
Right click to be launched 20 blocks directly into the air.
Land on a players head directly to deal 4 hearts
This will then launch the other player 10 blocks into the air
Land in a 2x2 radius of another player to deal 2.5 hearts
This will then launch the other player 7 blocks into the air
Land within a 5x5 radius of another player to deal 1 heart.
This will then launch the other player 4 blocks into the air.

Spin Bot:
Hit a player 3 times and every time they hit another player for the next 10 seconds, there is a 50% chance their head will rotate a random angle between 90* and 260*.

Jump Buster:
Hit a player 3 times and they won't be able to jump for 15 seconds.

Block Bug:
Hit a player 3 times and every time they try and place a block, it will be replaced by a silverfish for the next 10 seconds.

Tazer/Stun Gun:
Hit a player 3 times and they won't be able to be move for 5 seconds and they'll also take no knockback.
Also applies nausea 3 for 5 seconds.

Right Click this fireball and a fireball will land and spawn 10 instantly exploding TNTs upon impact (not very damaging) and launch them in the direction of where ever the grenade was launched from

Reverse Card:
Upon using, if the enemy places a block or interacts with a clickable such as fence gate (or trap door) you'll also be able to interact with that block for next 10 seconds of use.

For the next 12-15 seconds, every health potion you use will heal you all the way up to full health.
Cooldown: 5 minutes

Cat Fish:
For the next minute, until you get hit by another player, your player will appear to have no armor on.

Pheonix Mode:
Right click to start a 15 second period where a circle of particles are around you and if players are inside
they deal -20% damage to you and you deal +20% damage to them.

Arrow Reflector:
Right click and for 10 seconds all arrows shot at you will bounce off.

Portable Clutch:
Portable Water Bucket which can be used in any claim, (non-spreadable).

Kryptonite Gas:
Right click and any player that is in a radius of 10 blocks receives Weakness 1 and Poison 1 for 15 seconds.
The person who used the item will receive Resistance 2 for 15 seconds.

Right click to start a 20 second timer where everytime the last player you hit within 30 seconds pots, you
gain a 5% damage boost. (capped at 35%)

Armor Bait:
when used your armor will appear non enchanted to other players for 1 minute.

Lock In:
Hit another player 3 times to be locked into a 1v1 with that specific player for 30 seconds. No other players will be able to deal damage to either of the 2 players when used. Useful for taking 1v1s in out-numbered situations.