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SOTW CavePvP Summer Week 7 - Kits Update & Reset
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22 days ago

🌞CavePvP Summer Update - Week 7 🌞
September 10th - September 11th

Hello everyone! Welcome to the 7th week of the CavePvP Summer Update! This week we will be resetting Fasts and KitMap! For more information regarding both resets, keep reading this post!

Fasts SOTW
Saturday, September 10th at 2 PM EST

Sunday, September 11th at 2 PM EST


πŸ”₯Β Global Rank!Β Introducing Custom Rank
Our new global rank features a Custom Prefix, allowing players to create their own rank prefix using /custom. This prefix must be in line with the CavePvP chat rules, or this feature will be locked permanently to rule-breakers.

For more information on specific perks, visitΒ https://cavepvp.org/custom


πŸ›’Β Biggest Sale Yet!Β 70% off Update
In celebration of our big update, we will be running our biggest sale yet for the next few weeks.

Save 70% off on everything in our store!Β https://store.cavepvp.org


🌎Fasts SOTW: All Information

All information regarding this SOTW will be shown here:

  • Faction Size: 5 mans 0 allies

  • SOTW Date:Β Every Saturday at 2 PM EST

  • EOTW Date:Β Every Friday at 5 PM EST

🌎Fasts SOTW: General Changes

  • Revamped and buffed the Illuminated Chests


🌎Kits SOTW: All Information

All information regarding this SOTW will be shown here:

  • Faction Size:Β 10 mans 0 allies

  • SOTW Date:Β Sunday at 2 PM EST

🌎Kits SOTW: General Changes

  • NEW Kit Swapper Partner Item - Ability Crate Exclusive
  • NEW Nether Revamp
    • We got a custom Nether that's strictly for PvPing!
  • NEW Faction Upgrade
    • Spend 500 faction gems to get 2x Gems for your whole team for 6 hours.
  • You can now do /f depositgems to deposit gems into your faction balance.
    • WARNING There are no withdraw gems, so once you add gems to your faction you can't take them out!
  • Global 5-second ability item cooldown implemented to KitMap
  • Buffed Bard Range
  • Added Milk Buckets to the /shop
  • Added Resistance III Iron Ingot in Archer
  • Added /citadelloot alias to /citadel viewloot
  • Re-added the good Citadel Chestplates
  • Fixed all issues with the Grapple Hook
  • Fixed recover custom enchant
  • Fixed Double Pearling issue
  • Fixed the glitch to get permanent effects outside of your claim.
  • Fixed Conquest on Kits.
  • Fixed kill streaks not going above 100.

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