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SOTW CavePvP Summer Update Week 2
SimplyTrash Owner
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IGN: SimplyTrash
4 months ago

🌞CavePvP Summer Update 🌞
August 6th

Hello everyone! Welcome to our Summer Update! This update is a general content update to help further improve CavePvP as a whole as we prepare for the next chapter of the network.

Fasts SOTW
Saturday, August 6th at 2 PM EST


πŸ”₯Β Global Rank!Β Introducing Custom Rank
Our new global rank features a Custom Prefix, allowing for players to create their own rank prefix using /custom. This prefix must be in line with the CavePvP chat rules or this feature will be locked permanently to rule-breakers.

For more information on specific perks, visitΒ https://cavepvp.org/custom


πŸ›’Β Biggest Sale Yet!Β 70% off Update
In celebration of our big update, we will be running our biggest sale yet for the next few weeks.

Save 70% off on everything in our store!Β https://store.cavepvp.org


🌎Fasts SOTW: All Information

All information regarding this SOTW will be shown here:

  • Faction Size: 7mans 0 allies

  • SOTW Date:Β Every Saturday at 2 PM EST

  • EOTW Date:Β Every Friday at 5 PM EST

🌎Fasts SOTW: General Changes

  • Reimplemented the Anti-Clean system.Β 

  • If a player has a PvP Timer it will now show up in their nametag.

  • You can now support a YouTube/Famous Rank by typing /support [name]
    At the end of each week, the creator with the most support will receive $100 PayPal and a Cave Rank to giveaway to anyone!

  • PvP Timer changes to prevent PVP Timer Abusing

  • If you are kicked from a faction, that faction cannot attack you for 2 minutes. During that time you can /f stuck out!

  • Added /f focus attack to focus the last player you hit - I suggest binding this to LC

  • Added /f focus koth to focus the current active KOTH - I suggest binding this to LC

  • /help to view everything about the server

  • We placed NPCs around Spawn to help guide players!

  • Type /redeem viewloot to view all possible loot you can win

  • Shift Right Click a lootbox to view all the possible loot

  • Shift Right Click an Airdrop to view all the possible loot

  • Each Custom Enchant will have a description of what it does

  • You can now shift-click a custom enchant type in /ce to view all the possible custom enchants you can get.

  • /leaderboards have been changed into a nice GUI

  • Fixed Battle Pass GUI

  • Instead of spamming timers on the scoreboard for sales, there will be one line that changes every 5 seconds. Except for SOTW and whilst you're in Spawn.

  • Now we detect in chat when a faction is letting in and will automatically put it in /lettingin list.

  • Players without a faction may no longer enter KOTHs

  • You can no longer place blocks in your claim if an enemy is in your claim and you have a PvP Timer

  • Fixed all known bugs

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kisscam Default
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IGN: kisscam
4 months ago


IPD Default
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4 months ago

"fixed all known bugs" nice prank


Samfay Owner
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IGN: Samfay
4 months ago

omg new cavepvp sotw