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Update CavePvP Summer Update
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19 days ago

๐ŸŒžCavePvP Summer Update ๐ŸŒž
July 28th - July 31st

Hello everyone! Welcome to our Summer Update! This update is a general content update to help further improve CavePvP as a whole as we prepare for the next chapter of the network.

We hope you all will enjoy this update!

Bunkers Season 7 SOTW
Friday, July 29th at 5 PM EST

Fasts SOTW
Saturday, June 30th at 2 PM EST

Kits Season 15 SOTW
Sunday, July 31st at 2 PM EST


๐Ÿ”ฅย Global Rank!ย Introducing Custom Rank
Our new global rank features a Custom Prefix, allowing for players to create their own rank prefix using /custom. This prefix must be in line with the CavePvP chat rules or this feature will be locked permanently to rule-breakers.

For more information on specific perks, visitย https://cavepvp.org/custom


๐Ÿ›’ย Biggest Sale Yet!ย 70% off Update
In celebration of our big update, we will be running our biggest sale yet for the next few weeks.

Save 70% off on everything in our store!ย https://store.cavepvp.org


๐Ÿ”“ย Punishment Reset!ย All Blacklists, Bans, and Mutes have been reset!
Every single blacklist (even for chargeback!), bans, and mutes have been reset!

This is probably the only time a reset like this will occur! So try not to break rules!


๐Ÿ New Hub!ย New Network-Wide Features

We have gotten a brand new Hub to build for our update featuring many new things such as:

  • Fixed /freerank not syncing properly

  • Reputation now displays in your chat


๐Ÿฐ Bunkers Season 7:ย All Information

  • Ranked is back!

    • Earn a point for each Ranked Game win

    • 1st Place gets $100 PayPal or a $200 Gift Card

    • 2nd Place gets $50 PayPal or a $100 Gift Card

    • 3rd Place gets $25 PayPal or a $50 Gift Card

    • Games will be announced atย https://t.me/cavebunkers

  • Fixed most known bugs


๐ŸŒŽFasts SOTW:ย All Information

All information regarding this SOTW will be shown here:

  • Faction Size:ย 5 mans 0 allies

  • SOTW Date:ย Every Saturday at 2 PM EST

  • EOTW Date:ย Every Friday at 5 PM EST

๐ŸŒŽFasts SOTW:ย New Features

๐Ÿง™โ€โ™‚๏ธIntroducing Fancy Brewers
Brew potions in a much more easy and more convenient way!

Watch this video on how to use Fancy Brewers!


๐Ÿ›ก Introducing New Armor Classes

Wear this custom armor to receive different buffs!

Obtainable through the XP Shop!


Cytokinetic Kit
Each hit gains you 1 Ice Stack. Maximum of 3 Ice Stacks.

Shift Right Click your sword to spend the Ice Stacks on certain abilities based on how many you have.

Mist (1-2 Ice Stacks)
For 10 seconds all players within a 15x15 radius of all enemies may not gain Strength and Resistance and they will be given Wither I and Mining Fatigue I for 10 seconds.

Permafrost (3 Ice Stacks)
For 15 seconds all enemies within a 20x20 will be given Wither I, Slowness I, and Weakness I for 15 seconds. Allies will be given Speed 3, Resistance 3, and Haste I for 15 seconds.

The abilities have a 5-minute cooldown.


โšกIntroducing Faction Upgrades
Use faction gems to upgrade your faction!
Faction Gems can be obtained by kills, deaths, KOTH & Citadel captures!

What you can purchase

โ€ข Reduced DTR Regen: From 30 minutes to 25 minutes

โ€ข Increased Max Bard Energy - From 100 to 120

โ€ข Double XP - Get 2x the XP from mobs and ores

โ€ข Double Drops - Get 2x the Mob Drops and drops from farms (Glowstone Included)

โ€ข Crystalizer - A small chance to get an extra gem for each kill (Kits Only)

โ€ข Permanent Effects within your claim (Speed, Resistance, Strength, Regeneration)

Faction Gem Breakdown

โ€ขย +1ย Gem per kill
โ€ขย -1ย Gem per death
โ€ขย +10ย per Mini KOTH Capture
โ€ขย +25ย Gems per KOTH Capture
โ€ขย +100ย per Citadel Capture

New Kits
All new kits are available! Custom Rank gets all kits!

However, you can also purchase them through /coinshop!

โ€ข Revamped the Summer Kit
โ€ขย NEWย Free Brewer Kit
โ€ขย NEWย Trapper Kit
โ€ขย NEWย Raider Kit
โ€ขย NEWย Spiderman Kit
โ€ขย NEWย Pyromaniac Kit


๐Ÿ›’ย XP Shop Changes
Grind for XP to purchase many different items/perks on the server!

โ€ข Reduced all prices of XP
โ€ข Added section for Armor Classes. You can now buy whatever Armor Class you want

ย andย Netherย give 3x the XP!

๐ŸฏOutpost Revamp
Capture this outpost that's 1300 down the road to receive various rewards!


End Outpost
- Capture this to receive Double Points on all Kills

Nether Outpost
- Capture this to receive Double Points on all KOTH Captures

South Road Outpost
- Located 1300 down South Road
- Capture this to receive a 25% Reduced Partner Item Cooldown
- You also receive access to chests around the build that reset every hour.ย 


- New builds for them all
- You can no longer pearl in any of them
- To capture it you must capture it how you would normally a KOTH

๐Ÿ”ฎNew Partner Items

View all of the new partner items atย https://cavepvp.org/index.php?route=/partner-items

๐Ÿ’ฐ Economy Changes

โ€ขย NEWย Summer Keys - Revamped
โ€ขย NEWย Summer Lootbox - Revampedt
โ€ขย NEWย Cave Keys - Revamped
โ€ขย NEWย Legendary Keys - Revamped
โ€ขย NEWย Rare Keys - Revampedext.



๐ŸงฟPearl Revamp

โ€ข Added Cross Pearls
โ€ข Fixed all known pearl glitches
โ€ข Hitbox pearls are more now accurate
โ€ข Fixed certain issues where pearls don't work


๐Ÿ”‘Automated Key-alls


Key-Alls should from now on be always on time!

When a key-all happens you have 5-minutes to redeem it by typing /keyall!

๐ŸŒŽFasts SOTW:ย General Changes

  • Reimplemented the Anti-Clean system.ย 

  • If a player has a PvP Timer it will now show up in their nametag.

  • We will now be doing daily key-alls and the key-alls will be significantly more OP than ever before.

  • We are now utilizing titles and action bars far more frequently.

  • You can now support a YouTube/Famous Rank by typing /support [name]
    At the end of each week, the creator with the most support will receive $100 PayPal and a Cave Rank to giveaway to anyone!

  • PvP Timer changes to prevent PVP Timer Abusing

  • If you are kicked from a faction, that faction cannot attack you for 2 minutes. During that time you can /f stuck out!

  • Added /f focus attack to focus the last player you hit - I suggest binding this to LC

  • Added /f focus koth to focus the current active KOTH - I suggest binding this to LC

  • Armor Classes should be much more common

  • /help to view everything about the server

  • We placed NPCs around Spawn to help guide players!

  • /schedule to view when all events (Citadels, Mini-Events, Key-alls) are!
    Revamped Crapple Limit; you can enter End/Nether with as many crapples as you want however it will track how many you use during your trip limiting you to 12!

  • Type /redeem viewloot to view all possible loot you can win

  • Shift Right Click a lootbox to view all the possible loot

  • Shift Right Click an Airdrop to view all the possible loot

  • Each Custom Enchant will have a description of what it does

  • You can now shift-click a custom enchant type in /ce to view all the possible custom enchants you can get.

  • /leaderboards have been changed into a nice GUI

  • You can now purchase the Battle Pass in the GUI

  • You can now double-click boots with a depth strider book to apply it instead of an anvil!

  • Instead of spamming timers on the scoreboard for sales, there will be one line that changes every 5 seconds. Except for SOTW and whilst you're in Spawn.

  • Now we detect in chat when a faction is letting in and will automatically put it in /lettingin list.

  • Players without a faction may no longer enter KOTHs

  • You can no longer place blocks in your claim if an enemy is in your claim and you have a PvP Timer


    • Fixed Ninja Star log-off teleport glitch

    • Fixed getting kicked for fly even though you're not flying

    • Fixed and redesigned /f roster

    • Fixed the NPCs at Spawn with ranks

    • Fixed Builder Kit not dropping items


๐ŸŒŽKits SOTW:ย All Information

All information regarding this SOTW will be shown here:

  • Faction Size:ย 10 mans 0 allies

  • SOTW Date:ย Every Friday at 5 PM EST

๐ŸŒŽKits SOTW:ย All Changes

๐Ÿ”ฑ Introducing the Daily Kit

Use this free kit every day to level it up!


This kit levels up by 1 every day you use it! The higher the level, the better the kit is.

Level 1 (Day 1): Prot 2 Sharp 2

Level 2 (Day 2): Prot 2 Sharp 2 with Speed II Boots

Level 3 (Day 3): Prot 2 Sharp 2 with Speed II, Fire Resistance, and a few crapples

Level 4 (Day 4): Prot 2 Sharp 2 with Speed II, Fire Resistance, more crapples, one god apple.

Level 5 (Day 5): P2 S2, Pretty much every Custom Enchant, More Crapples, One God Apple, and some partner items.

Level 7 (Day 7): Same as Day 5 just even more partner items.

You must log on every day and use the kit otherwise it will reset back down to Level 1.


๐Ÿ›กIntroducing the Battle Pass

The Battle Pass is back with actual rewards!


Maximum of 25 Tiers, exclusive loot for each tier!

Many different challenges targetted towards Kits!

The Battle Pass resets every week so you have a chance of regaining all the rewards!

There is a Premium Side, purchasing it on our store will get you it for the entire map. Even when the Battle Pass resets every week you will keep your Battle Pass Premium.


๐ŸฐIntroducing Conquest

Conquest is back to Kits! Starts every Sunday at 3 PM EST!


There will be one capzone in each quadrant. So four total.ย 

Stand on a capzone for 30 seconds to gain one point for your faction!

Your faction will lose 20 points for each death.

The first faction to 200 points wins!


๐ŸŒIntroducing Daily Server-Wide Events

These events are from back in the Valor days!


Partner Item Frenzy Event

Starts every Tuesday at 4 PM EST. Lasts an hour.

During this event, all partner items are buffed and cooldowns are reduced by half.

Double Points Event

Starts every Wednesday for the whole day (12 AM to 11:59 PM EST)

During this whole day, all points gained from KOTHs and Kills will be doubled.

Double Gem Event

Starts every Thursday at 1 PM EST, and lasts until 5 PM EST.

During this event, all gems received from Kills, the store, and KOTHs will be doubled.


๐Ÿฐ Introducing Outpost

Capture and hold Outpost to receive 2x Gems for your faction!


There is one Outpost in the Nether.

Capture Outpost by standing on the capzone until it's at 100%.

Outpost is a 24/7 event, any faction can stand on Outpost until it's at 0% to take your control away.

While you have control of Outpost your faction will get 2x Gems on each kill and KOTH capture.

Introducing Gem Coin Flips

Bet on heads or tails your gems with other players!

Type /coinflip add [heads or tails] [amount], it'll then broadcast in chat and a player can type /coinflip and click on your bet to bet it!


๐Ÿ›กย Introducing Armor Classes

Wear this custom armor to receive different buffs!

Similar concept to Fasts!


Each Armor Class has its own shard you can obtain in unique ways.

You must apply a shard to each piece of whatever armor you'd like.

If you have a full set then the armor class will be activated when you wear it!

Diamond Only Classes

Kraken Set

- Permanent Aqua Infinity

- Deal 10% more damage in water

- Take 10% less damage in water

-ย Shift Right Click your sword to getย Strength 2, Regeneration 5, and Resistance 3. This has a cooldown of 2 minutes.

Lava Golem Set

- Permanent Fire Resistance I
- Each archer tag on you will deal 0.5 hearts less
- Each archer tag on you has a 10% chance of igniting the archer and taking their fire resistance for 10 seconds.

- When in the Nether, you deal 10% more damage.ย ย 

-ย Shift Right Click toย ignite every enemy within 20 blocks on fire and taking their fire resistance for 10 seconds. During this time you will deal 25% more damage. This has a cooldown of 2 minutes.

Enderman Set

- Your enderpearl cooldown will be at 10 seconds in the Overworld and End.

- Each pearl has a 20% chance of giving you no pearl cooldown in the End.

- You take 10% less damage in the End.

- You will however take 25% more damage whilst in water

- Shift Right Click your sword to get Strength 2, Resistance 2, and Regeneration 2 for 10 seconds. This has a 5-minute cooldown.

Archer Only Classes:

These are classes that can only be put on leather armor!

Leviathan Set

- Immune to arrows in Water

- When in the water you have Resistance 3

- Boots are automatically Depth Strider 5

Hawkeye Set

- Permanent Jump Boost 2

- In overworld Speed III cooldown is 20 seconds instead of 30.

- Each arrow has a 10% chance of exploding upon landing (only if you miss)

- Each arrow has a 10% of giving the enemy Blindness II for 10 seconds.

Flaming Skeleton Set

- Archer Tags in Nether applies a 30% damage boost instead of a 20% damage boost.

- When in Nether, you will get Speed V if you right-click sugar; however the cooldown is 40 seconds.

-ย Shift Right Click your bow to take theย ignite and take the fire resistance from every player within a 10-block range and archer tagging them. This has a 5-minute cooldown.

Enderlock Set

- Enderpearl cooldown is set to 10 seconds in End.

- Archer Tags in End applies a 30% damage boost instead of a 20% damage boost.

-ย Shift Right Click your swordย putting the player on Enderpearl Cooldown. This has a 1-minute cooldown.

  • NEWย Portable Backstab that can be found in KOTH Loot. This has a 10-second team cooldown.
  • You can now /vote for free Gems

  • Turned the shop into a GUI (/shop) where you can buy debuffs, god apples, etc...

  • You will now receive 10x Gems for each KOTH Capture.

  • Reaper Ability now puts the players in a cobweb as well as the shark bite attack

  • Events now start automatically every so often.

  • You now need to have 5 strikes to get disqualified instead of 3.

  • Citadel's now take place every Friday at 3 PM EST rather than 5 PM EST.

  • Fixed and re-implemented Kit Editor

  • You can now type /killstreaks to view all kill streaks in a nice GUI!

  • Revamped the Weaponry Crate.

  • All fire aspect swords are now Fire Aspect I
  • Added more loot to KOTH
  • Cobwebs have been fully removed.

  • Type /citadel loot to view the Citadel loot table.

  • Now when a player wins an event, the number of gems they win will be displayed in chat.

  • Added many of the changes that were made to Fasts.

  • Reaching a certain kill streak will now apply a bounty onto yourself similar to Hypixel's Pit!

โ˜€ CavePvP Summer Update:ย Closing Remarksย 

Alright, I hope you all liked this update! Remember that this isn't the final version and a lot more can change! We understand a lot of these changes may be controversial therefore we will be open to a lot of feedback in the coming weeks!

Thank you all for supporting us through these tough times and just remember; that more is yet to come!

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