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    Read Me Updated CavePvP Network Rules

    CavePvP Rules Here are most of the CavePvP Rules The offenses for these rules are ever-changing as we meet new player highs and deal with rule-breakers each and every day in wacky ways to try and get around the rules. LAST EDITED: January 14th 2022, new dropdown and elevator sign rules. HCF...
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    Accepted I bought a rank and never received it

    Hello. Please join our Buycraft Support Waiting Room on! I will assist you further from there.
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    Denied Water bottles going immediately in the chest Autobrewer problem

    Old thread. If you are still experiencing issues please join!
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    Denied Connection Timed Out - MCJuggernaut5

    Old thread. If you are still experiencing issues please join!
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    Accepted $12.50 dollar rank Upgrade missing *CAN'T GO TO TS

    Hello. If you are still experiencing this issue and can't join TeamSpeak, feel free to give me a message on the discord server.
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    Accepted Crates

    Hello. Please join for further assistance. My team will gladly help you with this issue!
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    Accepted Bought unban and it didn't work

    Hello. Please join and wait in our Buycraft Support Waiting Room! I will gladly assist you there.
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