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    Read Me CavePvP Valentine's Update

    Hype! I will definitely be using /marry on my favorite egirl which is @SamHCF
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    The /voice command has been disabled due to the developer of it being demoted. Please refer to #polls in to vote on Mumble in game Locked 🔒
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    not this guy
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    Hello :)
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    Senior-Mod: 1/18/2022

    Senior-Mod: 1/18/2022
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    hey guys

    hey... can i be here guys
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    simply bring these fun ass days back.

    Hey! I'm glad you are trying to look out for the server, but this is the wrong place to submit suggestions so please make sure to fill out the format and put your suggestion here : Locked.
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    Leaving o/

    good guy simply
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    big fan

    big fan
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    Ban appeals

    Hey @SpeedTwo , There Must Be A Good Reason Why Your Appeals Aren't Getting Accepted. Also, Staff Do Actually Read Ban Appeals Very Carefully. Locked.
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    Add Deathban Arena?

    Hey @RaidableKid, Please refer to the suggestions thread and copy and paste it there. Locked.
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    How to buy perm acces to kits?????

    Hey @potjxgodz, The Only Current Way of Receiving Lifetime Kits is buy purchasing a rank at You can click on a rank and read its perks and kits that it has. Locked.
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    Hello guys

    Hello! How's it going? :)(y)
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    Hottest player world-wide

    rate me?
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    Hey @Drqgs, Senior Mods are allowed to do ban appeals.

    Hey @Drqgs, Senior Mods are allowed to do ban appeals.
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