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    Chat-mod Queue

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    IMakeMcVid's Caught hacking?

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    omg meezoid joined cave?

    Ok Sike
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    Accepted Godapple

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    Denied SOTW TIME

    +1 mainly because cavepvp have merged with a AU server
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    Chat-mod Queue

    For my vote For my vote I decided to put "Yes" because I think there queue should be whatever their donor global rank is. Because most of the time / all of the time the chat is turned off anyway therefore the they are no use in that situations. ◇Hc0◇ -Host-
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    Pending AU HCF

    AU HCF: I think the whole au community wants this. On the NA sub servers it is almost impossible to block up/PVP or even pearl clutch and these are the man aspects of the game. It would absolutely bring in new players from all over different servers. AU times for KOTH, citadels and events. If...
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